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Authors, Celebrities, Astronauts (and more) Reading Books Online

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With most of the country practicing self-isolation and many kids home from school in wake of the coronavirus pandemic, authors, celebrities, astronauts, teachers, and more are taking to online video to read stories to kids. Some do this on a regular basis, others are doing it in light of current affairs. Here is a comprehensive list of the ones we …

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How to Mindfully Make Moving Easier for Kids

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No move comes without some sadness, especially when you have kids. As adults, even if we hate our current home, there’s always some part of it that we are fond of – the daily routine we’ve grown used to, a favorite nearby restaurant, a kind neighbor, or even the little bird that perches outside the window every morning. For kids, …

10 DIY Ideas for Kids’ Workstations

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Children often benefit from having a special place in their home that’s all their own to focus on projects. Crafts, homework, home schooling…all can be improved with a dedicated table. Adding some creativity to that table can encourage a love for creating and learning. Even if your home is limited on space, there are options to choose from. We’ve compiled …

Protecting Your Child While Your Home is On the Market

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Social networks and the internet in general have become large parts of our daily lives. Tech gadgets from smartphones to digital cameras have made it super easy for us to share every special moment (and not so special moment) of our lives with friends and family hundreds of miles away by way of the web. However, very unfortunate stories about …