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How to Assess the Health of a Homeowners’ Association

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REALTOR® Melanie Cameron explains how to assess the health of a homeowners’ association (HOA). This is important to know if you are buying a house, condo, or townhome in a community with an organization that makes and enforces rules for the properties, as well as maintains common areas. The purpose of an HOA is to uphold property values, but an …

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Single and Thinking About Buying a Home? Consider This!

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According to HAUS and U.S. Census data, single homeowners are breaking records in the United States. They now own 38.4% of owner-occupied housing, the highest it’s been since 1900, the earliest year for U.S. Census records. The rise comes due to two segments of the population: people under 35 and those over 55 years of age. But the reasoning for …

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How to Buy a Home During a Pandemic

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The spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has created incredible new challenges for everyone. With restrictions in place that are sure to be there for months to come, we must now create a new normal that includes social distancing and extra health precautions. This does not mean that your dreams of buying a home must be put on hold. While we understand …

Condos Vs. Townhomes: What are the Differences?

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Whether you’re looking to make your first real estate purchase, downsize, or snag a property at the beach, you may notice that condos and townhomes offer similar living situations. They’re both types of attached dwelling units that offer lower maintenance options than single-family detached homes. However, ownership across the two can look quite different, and we are here to break …