Save Space with These 7 Wall Toys for Young Kids

Save Space with These 7 Wall Toys for Young Kids

Reduce some of the clutter in your child’s bedroom or playroom with these space-saving wall toys. They encourage your child to reach development and learning milestones through play, while also promoting creativity. Plus, there’s less to clean up at the end of the day. Can’t beat that!

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1. Tree Top Adventure

This peel-and-stick toy from Oribel is easy to install. Watch the caterpillar whiz down the trunk’s wooden track. It helps develop fine motor skills and encourages your little one to stand up and play.

2. Vertical Xylophone

Here is another winner from Oribel. Let your little one make music with the help of this wall xylophone. Like the Tree Top Adventure, installation is as easy as peel and stick.

3. Airplane Activity Wall Toy

Young kids can benefit especially well from wall toys like this airplane by Learning Advantage which features 6 activities for building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and reasoning skills. It’s designed for children 18 months-old and above. Learning Advantage has other similar wall toys in different sizes and promoting other skill sets, like color recognition and counting.

4. Block Wall

Encourage your kids to play with brick blocks in a fresh way with a large building wall. Secure these panels right to their bedroom or play room wall. They can display their creations while keeping their blocks tidy.

This building wall from Burgkidz is compatible with Duplo-sized Lego bricks and comes with 440 of its own.

This building wall from Creative QT is compatible with classic Lego bricks and comes in two colors. It’s also sure to entertain older kids (and even some parents).

5. Felt Board

Looking for a toy that promotes creativity and hours of fun? Felt boards provide a foundation for kids to learn about a variety of animals, natural elements, buildings, and more. They can be used to tell stories, create comparisons, discuss lessons, and explore new ways of thinking about things. This farm board is just one theme to choose. Others include the beach, garden, space, ocean, weather/seasons, and zoo.

6. Interactive Learning Poster

Hang this touch-sensitive learning poster on the wall and watch your kids learn with excitement. Not only does it teach them letters and counting through sounds and songs, they can also practice writing, learn math with the calculator, and hear the sounds of instruments. It’s earned a Mom’s Choice Gold Metal, Family Choice award, and Tillywig Brain Child Award, so you know it’s an excellent toy.

7. Wall Easel

Nothing promotes hours of fun like an easel, and this one you can mount right on the wall. Like other popular floor easels, it has a magnetic white board (great for wipe-away markers, letter magnets, and a magnetic marble run) and a roll of paper for crayons, pencils, and markers. An attached tray is perfect for holding an eraser, markers, and more.

Have you installed any of these in your home? Share the results in the comments.

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