Snow 2017 - Wilmington NC

Does it Snow in Wilmington NC?

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Short answer…YES! When I moved down to Wilmington, NC, from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where there is 8 months of snow, my REALTOR® told me it never snows here. To my surprise, it snowed that winter…and the winter after…and the winter after…and by the 4th winter, I was pretty sure I’d been tricked. Luckily, the next year came, and …

How Bad is Flooding and Storm Surge in Wilmington?

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Are you concerned about flooding and storm surge in the Greater Wilmington Area (New Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick Counties)? Recently, the National Hurricane Center released a map showing areas of potential storm surge in the United States. The map is organized by Hurricane Wind Categories and shows the worse-case flooding scenarios. The National Hurricane Center said around 22 million people …