Does it Snow in Wilmington NC?

Snow 2017 - Wilmington NC

Short answer…YES!

When I moved down to Wilmington, NC, from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where there is 8 months of snow, my REALTOR® told me it never snows here. To my surprise, it snowed that winter…and the winter after…and the winter after…and by the 4th winter, I was pretty sure I’d been tricked.

Snow 2018 - Wilmington NC

Snow 2018 – Wilmington NC

Luckily, the next year came, and we didn’t have any snow, but that wasn’t the last time it snowed. Snow in Wilmington always comes just long enough for everyone to have a chance to play in it. Then it disappears. Only occasionally do we get a few days of significant freezing weather, like the ice storm in early 2018. All-in-all, those days are usually a fun break from the normal mild winters. It gives the local children a chance to experience snowball fights, snowman building, and sledding. It also helps the city slow down a bit, because many people don’t feel comfortable driving in snow.

Plus, it’s kind of surreal to see our beaches covered in snow!

You can view a history of snowfall on both the National Weather Service and Current Results. These aren’t 100% accurate, but it gives you a reasonable idea of what to expect.

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Does it Snow in Wilmington NC

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