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Tips for Winning the Contract in Multiple-Offer Situations

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 Wilmington, NC, REALTOR® Melanie Cameron gives some tips for making your offer stand out in a multiple-offer situation. Our spring market is hot, and we are seeing a lot of competing offers. These tips are inspired by real-life scenarios that we are seeing first-hand. Have questions? Give Melanie a call at (910) 202-2546. Don’t forget to comment, share, and …

Stressed Couple - Why Was My Offer to Purchase a Home Rejected?

Why Was My Offer to Purchase a House Rejected?

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You’ve spent weeks browsing listings, rode in a car for hours viewing the potentials, and placed an offer on “the one”…but it was rejected. How could this be? You certainly thought it through – or did you? Here are 10 possible reasons why your offer to purchase a house was rejected. 1. Your Offer Was Too Low This is the …

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Multiple-Offer Situation? Don’t Be THAT Home Buyer

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Low inventory at the peak of the buying season is creating multiple-offer situations throughout the Wilmington real estate market. We realize that this can make the whole experience extremely stressful and frustrating for buyers, especially when they’ve already lost out on one (or more) offers. Sometimes this leads to buyers trying extreme tactics. We’ve seen some doozies, and there is …

8 Things to Expect and Not Expect in a Multiple-Offer Situation

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We’re frequently seeing multiple-offer situations in the Wilmington housing market due to the shrinking home inventory, so it’s important for buyers to know what to expect if they find themselves putting an offer in on a home that already has one. Buyers need to understand that it’s not the listing agent who decides how to handle a multiple-offer situation. Ultimately, …