Benefits and Disadvantages for Using Online Lender

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Using an Online Lender

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Their commercials are all over television and streaming devices – online lenders advertising quick approvals and apps that make the application process super easy. The ease of accessibility appeals to home buyers who like the low-pressure benefits of shopping online and the swiftness of information retrieval. However, is there a benefit to using these online lenders and is their application …

Self-employed business owner

Self-Employed Mortgage Requirements – Assure That You Qualify

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Being self-employed can be a very rewarding experience. You carry a lot of responsibility for your own success and that of your business, but when you receive your paycheck, there’s no question that you earned every penny.  With close to 42 million people in America (about 33 % of workers) being self-employed, it’s easy to say there are many successful …

Home Possible® Mortgage: Use Your Sweat Equity as a Down Payment

Home Possible® Mortgage: Use Your Sweat Equity as a Down Payment

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Are you a low to moderate-income home buyer struggling to save a down payment for a new home? You may be eligible to participate in a special loan program from Freddie Mac called Home Possible® Mortgage. For some time, this program has had one of the lowest down payment requirements on the market at just 3%, and it offers the …

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Will Experian Boost Help You Become a Home Buyer?

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Do you find yourself falling just below your target FICO® Credit Score? Is your credit history not as robust as lenders would like? Experian Boost may be the solution. What is a FICO® Credit Score? To understand why Experian Boost may help, you must first understand what a FICO® Credit Score is. The Fair Isaac Corporation or FICO® is the …

Rent vs Buy - Melanie Cameron

NC Homeowners Alliance | The Voice of Homeowners

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 REALTOR® Melanie Cameron talks about the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance, the voice for homeowners at the North Carolina General Assembly, and what they’re trying to do to stop the insurance rate increase and the elimination of the mortgage interest rate deduction. Also, don’t forget to comment, share, and like this video on Facebook and YouTube to be entered into …

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February 1st, 2019 is an Important Date for Home Buyers

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The national Unemployment Report for the previous month is released the first Friday of each month. The report for January 2019 falls on February 1st, 2019. But what makes this unemployment report significant? It’s results could potentially initiate a series of events that lead to a rise in interest rates. As businesses grow, they create jobs that give people more …

Government Shutdown - Melanie Cameron r

Is the Government Shutdown Affecting Real Estate Sales?

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 Realtor Melanie Cameron talks about how the government shutdown is affecting real estate sales and if home buyers and sellers should be concerned. Topics include FEMA flood policies, FHA home loans, VA home loans, and USDA home loans. If you have any questions about this or buying and selling real estate in the Greater Wilmington area, please don’t hesitate …

Melanie Cameron and Chris Hutchens

Chris Hutchens with Guaranteed Rate – Wilmington NC Lender

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Realtor Melanie Cameron of The Cameron Team speaks with Chris Hutchens, Branch Manager and V.P. of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate, about the services he and his mortgage lenders provide. If you’re thinking about buying a home in the Wilmington area and need to finance the purchase, consider giving Chris a call at (910) 344-0304. He’s happy to answer your …