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What to Know When the Home You Want to Purchase is in a Flood Zone

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So, you’ve found “the one”. Congrats! Oh, but you’ve also found out that it’s in a flood zone? First off, let’s put this into perspective. Everyone is in a flood zone. Some are just at a higher risk than others. Southeastern North Carolina is a coastal region. There are a lot of homes in areas that will at some point …

Money and House

Builder Offers to Pay Student Loans for Home Buyers

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According to a study from the National Association of Realtors, one of the biggest obstacles for Millennial home buyers (born 1980-1998) is student loan debt. Of those surveyed, the median debt was $41,200. 20% were homeowners and 28% of them said their student loan debt was preventing them from selling their current home to move into something new. Now, Eagle …

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Homeowner Equity Rises in North Carolina in 2nd Quarter of 2017

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One way to determine the health of an economy is by looking at the available homeowner equity. The more equity that exists, the more money homeowners have to put into the system. Every quarter, financial analytics company CoreLogic® releases an equity report outlining the current state of home equity. These are the results for the second quarter of 2017. Nationwide …


What Can Google Search Reveal About Home Buyers?

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If we looked at the Google searches conducted over the past few years, what would they reveal about home buyers and the future of the real estate market? Chase wondered the same thing. They partnered with Google to see what‘s top of mind for buyers and shared it in an interesting report. Here are the main takeaways: Affordability is a …

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Home Equity Rises in North Carolina in 1st Quarter of 2017

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It’s been 6 years since the height of the housing crisis. Since then, 9 million home loan borrowers have regained equity in their homes. These facts remain important as we look for indicators for how the current economy is performing. Home equity is a large chunk of homeowner wealth, and supports spending and broader economic health. CoreLogic®, who collects and …

Great News for Potential Buyers with Student Debt

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Potential home buyers with student debt are going to be happy to know that Fannie Mae is expanding their mortgage options for those who are burdened by education loans. From experience, we can tell you that home buyers have been surprised by how much weight their student debt carries in determining eligibility. Even if they were approved for an income-based …

Should I Request to See Homes Before Talking to a Lender?

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You’ve finally reached the point where you feel your personal finances can support a home purchase and you’re anxious to get started on your home search. We know exactly how you feel. We’ve been there ourselves and can practically feel your excitement brimming over! But, wait. Now isn’t the time to be jumping ahead. Like most things, you need to …