8 Fall DIY Projects That Aren’t Orange

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There are multiple reasons why someone wouldn’t want to decorate with the traditional color of fall – orange. Maybe they don’t like the color. Maybe their home’s base color palette doesn’t mesh well with it. Maybe they’re looking for a refresh. Whatever the reason, a little bit of craftiness can solve the issue. Here are 8 fall DIY projects that …

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Fall in Coastal North Carolina is the “Locals’ Summer”

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Want to move to coastal North Carolina and enjoy the sunshine and moderate temperatures? We need to make one thing abundantly clear – we don’t really “do” fall. Oh, sure, we get the pumpkin spice lattes, “Fall Festivals”, and pumpkin decorations (just like the rest of North Carolina), but if you ask where the local pumpkin patch is, someone is …

5 Tips for Selling in Fall - Melanie Cameron

5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall | Home Seller Tips

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Realtor Melanie Cameron shares 5 tips for selling your home during the fall season. If you’re preparing to list your home in September, October, November, or December, these tips will really make your home shine!  Get more great tips in our 60-page Seller Guide. Don’t forget to comment, share, and like this video on Facebook, IGTV, and YouTube to be …

12 Color Palettes Inspired by Autumn

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When autumn descends, temperatures cool, but the colors around us heat up. That’s why fall is a great time of year to draw inspiration for a warm color palette – envy inducing golds, reds, coppers, and oranges, even rich mahoganies. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next room makeover or furniture refurb, we’ve compiled a collection of 12 color …

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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Traditional schools start next week. Meaning, it’s almost that time of year when temperatures start to cool, leaves change, plants die back, and the air is filled with pumpkin spice (okay, so that might just be the air around me…Mmmmm, Pumpkin Spice Lattes).  It also means it’s time to do some fall maintenance on your home to prepare for the …