Rent vs Buy - Melanie Cameron

NC Homeowners Alliance | The Voice of Homeowners

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 REALTOR® Melanie Cameron talks about the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance, the voice for homeowners at the North Carolina General Assembly, and what they’re trying to do to stop the insurance rate increase and the elimination of the mortgage interest rate deduction. Also, don’t forget to comment, share, and like this video on Facebook and YouTube to be entered into …

Can I Tax Deduct Moving Expenses?

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Q. Can I Tax Deduct Moving Expenses? A. Yes, if your move is due to a change in jobs or business locations and your home meets certain requirements. The first is a CLOSENESS requirement. You must have moved within 1 year of reporting to your new job or business location. The second is a DISTANCE requirement. Your new home and …

How Do I Appeal My New Hanover County Property Tax Value?

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Have you received a letter from New Hanover County stating your annual property tax value? Do you disagree with the county’s valuation and think you’re paying too much? If so, you can formally challenge their decision, if you have a legal right to have your property’s value reduced. According to their website, you have a legal basis for a reduction …