Selling Your Home During a Pandemic - Melanie Cameron

Selling Your Home During a Pandemic

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 Listing Specialist Melanie Cameron shares her recommendations for successfully selling your home during a pandemic. These are things she and her team have done since the onset of COVID-19 in the United States. These actions have helped her remain busy selling throughout this difficult time. If you have any questions about selling your home or the activity in your …

Soulful Interiors - Denise Langan - Scandinavian Style

Create an Experience and Atmosphere for Your Home Showings

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Selling a property is not just about all the hardware, fancy appliances, or a state-of-the-art marble walk-in shower. It’s to build a vivid picture of the lives potential home buyers can live when they purchase the property. We need to top-up our selling game by creating an atmosphere and an experience for the buyers. The moment they enter the door, …

Home with Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal Improvement Tips to Consider Before Listing

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Curb appeal has long been hailed by REALTORS® as key to attracting buyers, and thus a major Return on Investment for sellers. It is what obviously, and strikingly, makes your home’s first impression. Welcoming and reasonably low maintenance, good curb appeal expresses the “personality” of the house to invite instant connection from potential buyers. It is coherent, color-coordinated, and easy …

Social Media on Phone

Social Media Etiquette for Home Sellers

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Social media is an important part of your home’s marketing plan. Out of all the most common sources, it produces some of the highest quality real estate leads i.e. potential buyers for your home. A survey in 2018 revealed that 50% of all buyers found their home online (this number is even higher in the youngest generation currently entering the …

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Coldwell Banker AARP Benefits Program Coming Soon

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Realogy Holdings Corp., parent company of Coldwell Banker®, has announced it will be launching a benefits program for AARP members who want to buy or sell their home. This will be the first-ever real estate program designed for the 38 million AARP members, who will be able to earn cash back or a bonus when they use one of Realogy’s …

Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa by Andres Urena via Unsplash

Amazon Alexa Skills That Can Help You Sell Your Home

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Do you have an Amazon Alexa enabled device? Alexa has thousands of skills that can help you with everything from sending money to converting measurements to learning about music theory. It even has skills that can help you sell your home. You just need to install the appropriate skill and say the right command. Here are just a few of …