8 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a New Realtor

A Femal Real Estate Agent Speaking with Home Sellers

Choosing the right Realtor is a pivotal decision when you’re looking to buy or sell a property. It’s not just about finding someone who’s licensed to sell real estate; it’s about finding a partner who will guide you through one of the most significant transactions of your life. To help you make an informed decision, here are eight essential questions to ask when interviewing a new Realtor.

1. How long have you been working in real estate?

Experience matters in real estate. While a fresh face might bring enthusiasm and new ideas, a seasoned agent brings a wealth of knowledge and a nuanced understanding of the market. Ask about their tenure in the industry, the types of properties they’ve dealt with, and the areas they specialize in. This information will give you a clear picture of their level of expertise and whether it aligns with your needs.

2. What is your strategy for my needs?

Every client is unique, and so is every property. Discuss your specific goals, whether you’re buying or selling, and ask the Realtor about their strategy to meet those objectives. A competent Realtor should provide a clear plan outlining how they’ll market your home or how they’ll search for your new one, including the use of technology, open houses, and their network.

3. Can you provide references?

Reputation is everything in real estate. Ask for references and actually follow up with them. Speak to past clients about their experiences, the challenges they faced, and how the Realtor helped navigate through them. This firsthand feedback is invaluable in understanding how the Realtor operates and delivers on their promises.

Real Estate Agent Talking on Speakerphone

Real Estate Agent Talking on Speakerphone

4. How do you communicate with clients?

Communication style and frequency can significantly impact your real estate experience. Some clients prefer detailed weekly updates, while others want to be involved only when there are significant developments. Make sure your Realtor’s communication style matches your expectations to ensure a smooth and transparent process.

5. What’s your availability?

Real estate doesn’t adhere to a strict 9-to-5 schedule. Deals can happen at any time, and quick responses are often crucial. Ask about their availability and how they handle conflicts or multiple clients. Ensure they have the support, be it through a team or efficient systems, to be responsive when it matters most.

A Real Estate Agent Giving a Tour of a Home

A Real Estate Agent Giving a Tour of a Home

6. How do you handle negotiations?

A Realtor’s negotiation skills can make or break a deal. Discuss past examples of how they’ve negotiated favorable terms for their clients. Understanding their approach will give you confidence in their ability to represent your best interests effectively.

7. What are your fees?

Understanding how your Realtor gets paid is crucial. Discuss their commission rate and any other potential fees you might incur. Transparency in this area will prevent any surprises down the line and help you budget accordingly.

8. What makes you different from other Realtors?

Finally, give the Realtor a chance to highlight what sets them apart. It could be their in-depth local market knowledge, innovative marketing strategies, or a strong network of contacts. This question allows them to share their unique value proposition and gives you insight into why they might be the best choice for you.

Female Realtor Standing in a Sunroom

Female Realtor Standing in a Sunroom


Finding the right Realtor is a critical step in the real estate journey. By asking these eight questions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of their experience, strategy, and commitment to your needs. Remember, the goal is to find a Realtor who is not just a service provider but a trusted advisor and partner through one of the most important transactions of your life. Take your time, do your homework, and choose someone who you’re confident will represent your interests with integrity and professionalism. Your future home or sale depends on it.

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