Selling a House “As Is”: What Home Sellers Should Expect

Selling a House “As Is”: What Home Sellers Should Expect

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While the thought of selling a house “as is” sounds appealing at first, it’s important that a homeowner fully understands the pros and cons of doing so. While listing their property “as is” may alleviate them of some responsibility for making repairs, it can cause other obstacles to rise to the surface. Here are some points of interest sellers should …

What is Buying a Listing

What is “Buying a Listing”?

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Have you ever heard the real estate slang “buying a listing”? No, we’re not referring to the actual act of purchasing a home. We’re speaking of the ethically questionable act of listing agents securing listing agreements by agreeing to whatever listing price the seller presents. How is this ethically questionable? Consider this scenario… Say you’re getting ready to list your …

Which Price Ranges in Greater Wilmington are Getting the Most Showings?

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The Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS uses a centralized call center for scheduling showings of homes. Not only does it take some of the work out of tracking showing times and who is accessing the home, but it also allows us to get a pretty good idea of what kind of activity each price range of homes is seeing. This …

Your Regret Price

What is Your Regret Price?

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Have you ever made an offer on a home, was outbid, and was upset when you learned the price it sold for? “Darn it! I would have paid that!” Well, that is your regret price a.k.a. the amount you would have paid before you felt regret. The same goes if you hear the price and aren’t upset. “I would have …

Added Value Vs. Home Maintenance

Don’t Confuse “Added Value” and “Maintenance

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Choosing a listing price can be challenging for homeowners. They have to identify comparable properties that have recently sold, and decide which features make their home more valuable or less valuable than those identified. This requires knowing recent trends and looking at the properties with an impartial view. Probably one of the most difficult aspects of this task is identifying …