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Winter Projects to Get Your Home Ready to List in Spring

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Spring and Summer are the two busiest seasons of the real estate market when buyers are out in full force looking at homes and making offers. However, these are also the months when the most homes are on the market. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market to take advantage of the increased number of buyers, you …

Selling a House “As Is”: What Home Sellers Should Expect

Selling a House “As Is”: What Home Sellers Should Expect

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While the thought of selling a house “as is” sounds appealing at first, it’s important that a homeowner fully understands the pros and cons of doing so. While listing their property “as is” may alleviate them of some responsibility for making repairs, it can cause other obstacles to rise to the surface. Here are some points of interest sellers should …

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Even Stephen Curry Isn’t Immune to This Big Seller Mistake

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Price, Condition, Location: the real estate trifecta. We’ve said it many times. These are the facts that determine how well a home will sell. Stephen Curry appears to have learned this the hard way when he sold his Mediterranean-style mansion in Walnut Creek, CA, proving that even celebrities aren’t immune to one of the biggest seller mistakes that can be …


Have an Agent? We can’t get involved.

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As Realtors, we are often approached by the public to answer questions about properties and real estate practice. Straight up, that’s our job. But did you know there are times when we can’t answer? It’s not that we don’t know the answer, but that we are obligated not to. One of those times is when the person asking already has …

Not Enough Home Showings - Be Flexible

Not Enough Home Showings? Be Flexible!

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You’ve prepared your home. You’ve chosen your Realtor. You’ve priced your home competitively. But you aren’t getting any offers. Many homeowners don’t want to hear this, but the lack of offers may be due to a lack of flexibility on their part. When a homeowner decides to sell, they work very hard to make their home show-worthy, but they don’t …

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The Prime 7 Must-Do’s of Home Staging

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Staging your home should be a fun, cheap experience that can significantly affect the quantity of leverage you have when negotiating the sale of your home. But first you need to understand where to start. Haphazardly staging your home without a plan or guide to what you are doing will result in missed opportunities and a staged home that lacks …