How to Sell a House to a Friend (or Family Member) Without Damaging Your Relationship

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Selling your home is always stressful, and selling to a friend or family member may cause even more challenges. In some situations, selling to your friend is a great choice for both parties. You can skip the staging and showings, and you know that the buyer is someone you trust. Mixing business and personal relationships […]

Exterior of Home in December

We Sold and Bought a House in December, Here are the Benefits and Drawbacks

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Home buyers and sellers have a natural inclination to avoid the real estate market at the end of the year due to the holiday rush. Anyone actively looking at homes to buy most likely needs to purchase or, for tax reasons, is trying to get a transaction completed before the end of the year. Anyone selling their home likely needs …

How to Sell Your Wilmington Home “As-Is”, Even if It Needs Major Repairs

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Homeowners often put considerable work into their property before listing it for sale. Repairs and renovations can increase the value of your home and usually provide a good return on investment. However, not everyone has the time or funds to make major upgrades to their house in preparation for selling it. It is possible to […]

House for Sale

Houses are Selling Like Hotcakes Right Now…So Why Isn’t Mine?

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Right now in New Hanover County, there is about 2.5 month’s worth of inventory. That means if every home sold, there would be no more homes left on the market in 2.5 months. Houses have been selling like hotcakes! If you have been keeping up with Melanie’s market updates, you know that homes have been going under contract just as …

4 Ways You Can Trigger a Bidding War

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Bidding wars are primarily seen in up and coming seller’s markets. But they could happen at any time, especially if the property is particularly unique, it has a unique location (i.e. waterfront, lakefront, unique view), or the market is experiencing a localized boom. Houses of all sizes and in all areas of the country undergo […]

What Expenses do Homeowners Pay When They Sell?

What Expenses Do Homeowners Pay When They Sell?

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In North Carolina, it is common knowledge that homeowners pay the commission for the real estate agents that list their home and bring a buyer. In Southeastern NC, that is typically 6% of the sale price split between the two agents (actually, the split starts at the brokerage and there are fees subtracted before it gets to the agent, but …