Ice Cream Color Palette

15 Color Palettes Inspired by Summer

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Fond summer memories. Who doesn’t have them? Looking for inspiration for a room makeover, refinishing project, or art DIY? Why not choose a color palette that reminds you of something that makes you happy? We reached back into our memories, retrieved some of our favorite summer pastimes, and made them into color palettes. Use, share, and let us know what …

Start At Home - Ammo Box - Milk Paint

10 Beautiful Examples of Milk Paint

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If you’re looking for a velvety, farmhouse-inspired finish for your furniture, consider using milk paint. This non-toxic and environmentally-friendly paint is made from organic materials (the main ingredients are milk/quark and lime). It has no odor or VOCs, and is water-based. It doesn’t come in a huge range of colors like regular latex paint, but there are options ranging from …

DIY Remote Controlled Christmas Wreath

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Are you looking for a fun Christmas craft that will take only a few hours on the weekend to complete? I love convenience (please don’t read “lazy” lol), and I recently devised a fun project that involves creating a remote controlled Christmas wreath. It was easy to put together (my 3 year-old helped!), and I can now light up my …

7 Fabulous DIY Weekend Projects to Add Style to Your Kitchen

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Does your kitchen feel drab and boring? Are you looking for a way to add some class to the room? Then, you may be interested in a fun weekend project. We’ve compiled 7 do-it-yourself projects that you can complete in 2 days or less and are sure to amp up your kitchen’s style. Corner Brackets/Corbels Sometimes tradesman can be lazy …

10 Upcycled Shelves for Adding Pizzazz to Your Home Decor

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Tired of plain bookshelves? Looking for something that will add pizzazz to your home décor? Try a new upcycling project! We’ve compiled some of our favorite shelves created using discarded objects or materials. Many include a tutorial for replicating the project, so make sure you click through to the source page. And feel free to share! Rope Shelf Have some …

6 DIY Laundry Sorters to Get You Organized

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Have piles of sheets dotting the laundry room floor…dirty clothes littering bedrooms…sports attire shoved in the corner? Then, you’re in need of a good laundry sorter. There are many temporary options available for purchase, but a good DIY project can help you to maximize space and keep your home looking nice. Here are 6 of our favorites (plus, check out …