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10 Stunning Christmas Front Porches is one of our most popular blog posts. I wrote this way back in 2015, and while they are still spectacular, I think it’s time to appreciate some of the more recent creations. Below you will find 10 MORE porches that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit. Leave a comment and let us know which one is your favorite.

Who-ville Christmas Front Porch

If you think this Grinch-inspired front porch is over the top, you need to see the inside of the home. It is AMAZING! Jennifer at Turtle Creek Lane did an awesome job recreating the look and feel of Who-ville in her home. It makes my insides glow just like they did upon seeing the first Christmas decorations of the season when I was a child. 

Who-ville Christmas Front Porch - Turtle Creek Lane

Who-ville Christmas Front Porch – Turtle Creek Lane

Farmer’s Christmas Front Porch

Farmhouses are a classic backdrop for a rustic, home-y Christmas. If you want to bring that feeling to your home, take some tips from Jordan at Jordecor. In her 2018 Christmas home tour, she shared her front porch, which looks like it’s right from a Christmas tree farm with birch limbs, a snow covered fir, and metallic bench with cushy pillows.

White and Gold Christmas Front Porch

When snow is in short supply, but you love the effect snow has at Christmas, you fill your décor with white. Randi of Randi Garrett Design did just that with this white and gold front porch. White flowers, white boxes, white lights, and assorted bulbs create the illusion of a “White Christmas”. We think it looks cheerful. How about you?

White and Gold Christmas Front Porch - Randi Garret Design

White and Gold Christmas Front Porch – Randi Garret Design

Denver Plaid Christmas Front Porch

Sometimes the perfect front porch Christmas decorations aren’t elaborate but instead are highly reflective of the home’s location. Laura at Inspiration for Moms used Denver plaid to add color to her front porch, which is fitting because they’re located in Colorado. If your home has a lot of gray décor and finishes, take a look at the interior pictures for some complementary Christmas décor.

Buffalo Check Christmas Front Porch

We must admit that a bright red entry door is a solid foundation for a beautiful Christmas front porch, but The Design Twins take it to a whole new level with fun metal holiday pots and lighted trees. It’s the perfect setup for the farmhouse style interior décor, a lot of which features buffalo check plaid. If you love a cozy, classic Christmas, make sure to visit their blog.

Vintage Christmas Front Porch

Large front porches often become extensions of the inner home and when they do, it’s fun to see them decorated for Christmas. Such is the case for this porch decorated by Atta Girl Says. With its black buffet, cushy pillows, bright rug, and vintage items, it feels like an outdoor living room…and it’s Santa approved!

Nature-Based Christmas Front Porch

Many years ago, decorating for Christmas meant gathering pieces of nature and bringing them indoors. Boughs of greenery, berries, and, of course, whole trees were meant to celebrate the uniqueness of the season. Nowadays, decorating for the holiday usually means electric lights, ribbons, fake garland, and flashy ornaments, so it’s interesting to see a full return to the old ways in the decorations on James Farmer’s Farmdale Cottage featured on Blue and White Home. From the front porch to the study, it’s likely not what you’d expect for Christmas decorations but is stunning.

Nature-Based Christmas Front Porch - Blue and White Home

Nature-Based Christmas Front Porch – Blue and White Home

No-Fuss Rocking Chair Christmas Front Porch

Do you love to decorate for Christmas but want to keep the work to a minimum? Suzy at Worthing Court shows that time spent on a good foundation means you can have an impressive front porch year-round. Her Southern rocking chair front porch is set up with quality furniture and two statement baskets that she simply updates with the season. A pillow here, blanket there, and wreathe there. Two potted trees dropped into the baskets. The result is a charming, welcoming front porch.

Cozy Christmas Tree Forest Front Porch

Just because you have a small front porch doesn’t mean that you can’ have a stunning one. Kelley Nan created her own Christmas tree forest on the front porch of her Craftsman style home. Two natural trees, red bulbs, berries, flannel blankets, and white lights create a cozy setting for visitors that’s reminiscent of what one might call Christmas at the Cabin.

Udderly Festive Christmas Front Porch

This front porch from Cottage at the Crossroads is a little different than the other porches featured here. It’s actually a screened porch, so it feels more like a room than the others. The tall red screens add to the atmosphere, which includes lots of barns and an occasional cow. It really is fun! Visit their blog as there’s plenty more to see.

Udderly Festive Christmas Front Porch - Cottage at the Crossroads

Udderly Festive Christmas Front Porch – Cottage at the Crossroads

Do you have a great front porch decorated for Christmas? Share it in the comments!

10 More Stunning Christmas Front Porches


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