After Hurricane Florence: Homes for Rent


Many homeowners have been displaced by Hurricane Florence and are in need of new or temporary housing. One of the downsides of the Wilmington area is that we don’t have a great centralized tool for finding rentals. Some are listed in our Multiple Listing Service, but many are handled privately or are listed on one of the many property management company websites you can Google online. But many people are coming together to share information to help those displaced by the hurricane. Here are some useful resources for finding homes for rent.

***See homes for rent listed in the Multiple Listing Service. Please direct all rental inquiries to the listing company.***

Here at The Cameron Team, we only specialize in home purchases and sales. However, our company has a wonderful rental department – Sea Coast Rentals. You can reach them toll-free at 800-334-5806 or search their website. They are currently working on putting together a “Rental Relief Network”, which will help make more homes (those not previously for rent) available to people displaced by the hurricane.

Sweyer Property Management also has a large database of homes for rent. However, they will not be processing new applications until 9/26/2018.

One of our colleagues, Michelle Roberts, has started a Facebook group called Hurricane Florence – Available Housing. Here you can post what size home you are in need of (3 bedrooms, 2 baths house, 1 bedroom condo, etc.) and browse homes that have already been posted. There are even some people willing to rent their RVs.

Wilmington NC Yard Sales is another Facebook group where there have been a good number of rentals shared. The Wilmington, NC – Community Group also has a pinned post for rentals and housing. I would also suggest browsing recent posts and searching past posts (use “Search This Group” box on left) in case people are unaware of the pinned post and create a new post.

Please be very careful about who you meet and give money to when securing new housing for you and your family. There are a LOT of scammers out there right now. We suggest avoiding sites like Craigslist, as we’ve seen a lot of people taken advantage there locally. Facebook Marketplace has homes listed for rent, but users on there can also be questionable. Never go to a home alone and don’t ever put down a deposit before seeing a property in person.

If you have a trustworthy resource for housing after Hurricane Florence, please share it in the comments so we can help everyone affected. You may also be interested in seeing our Resources for Recovery After a Natural Disaster Like Hurricane Florence.

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