North Carolina Equity Report by CoreLogic

Where North Carolina Ranks with Home Equity – Q1 2016

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 According to CoreLogic’s recent “Homeowner Equity Report”, over 1 million homeowners rose above negative equity in the past year. In the first quarter of 2016 alone, 268,000 homes regained positive equity taking the nation up to 46.7 million mortgaged properties with equity. If this trend continues and national home prices rise 5%, about 1 million more homeowners will regain positive …

The Economic Impact of a Home Sold in North Carolina

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When a home is purchased, the real estate agents aren’t the only ones to make money off the sale. Mortgage lenders, title insurance companies, real estate brokerages, rental and leasing companies, home appraisal companies, moving services, furniture companies, appliance companies, remodelers, restaurants, and sports teams are some of the other entities that benefit. Anything that contributes to establishing a home …

Mailbox in Flood Waters

What Do North Carolina Home Sellers Need to Disclose?

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Wilmington Realtors® are often asked what’s required to be disclosed at the sale of a home. This is different from state-to-state, even city-to-city, because each has their own real estate commission that decides what is or isn’t important. A Realtor or real estate attorney can tell you what’s required where you live or are looking to buy. In North Carolina, …