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Know What You Are Buying: Don’t Exclude These Important Tasks from Your Home Purchase

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When you pick up a box of food at the grocery store, do you read the ingredients? With health being a common concern, most people do. When you purchase a new gadget, do you check the packaging to see what’s included and to verify it hasn’t been tampered with? Likely. It’s not fun when you get home and realize you’re …

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The Upfront Costs of Buying a Home: Don’t Be Caught Off Guard!

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When you think about the money you need to buy a home, what comes to mind first? Probably the mortgage and down payment, right? While both are crucial for buying a home, there are other costs that buyers will need to pay before signing on the dotted line. If you’re planning to buy a home, don’t be caught off guard. …

Why Do I Need a Survey? The Home Already Has a Fence.

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As a home buyer, you have the right to have a home inspection and land survey completed prior to the home being closed on. This helps you to know exactly what you’re investing in and could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Most buyers want a home inspection, because it will tell them if there’s anything majorly wrong with the …

In Addition to a Mortgage, What Costs Should Be Factored Into Owning a Home?

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For some home buyers, the extra costs of owning a home can be a surprise. When calculating how much home they can afford, they focus wholly on the mortgage payment (including taxes and PMI), which is, of course, a large chunk of their monthly expenses, but there are some other expenses they may or may not be aware of. We …

8 Hurdles to Overcome Before Reaching the Closing Table

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The buyers have finally found THE house, the sellers have been presented with a number they are happy with, and both parties have signed on the offer contract’s dotted line, but the race to closing has only just begun. Before the title can officially pass hands, there are some hurdles that both parties need to overcome. It’s unsettling to think …