Why You Need an Realtor in a Seller's Market - Melanie Cameron

Why You Need a Realtor in a Seller’s Market

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 Something we are hearing quite frequently as Wilmington Realtors is, “Why do I need an agent if it’s a seller’s market and we’re getting multiple offers?” Melanie Cameron explains why home sellers still need a real estate agent – what situations with buyers they will likely face and how a Realtor can benefit them. If you have any questions …

4 Ways You Can Trigger a Bidding War

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Bidding wars are primarily seen in up and coming seller’s markets. But they could happen at any time, especially if the property is particularly unique, it has a unique location (i.e. waterfront, lakefront, unique view), or the market is experiencing a localized boom. Houses of all sizes and in all areas of the country undergo […]

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Making an Offer on a Home in a Seller’s Market | Home Buyer Tips

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Realtor Melanie Cameron gives 4 tips for making a strong offer on a home in a seller’s market. With inventory low nationwide, chances are good that you live in a seller’s market. Heed this advice and improve the likelihood of your offer being accepted. Get more great tips in our 60-page Buyer Guide. Don’t forget to comment, share, and like …