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Tired of Farmhouse Décor? Try 1 of These 4 Trending Interior Design Styles

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It feels like Farmhouse Décor has been the most popular design style for the past 10 years. It dominates Pinterest searches and frequently appears in home décor blogs. But recently, other design styles have begun to float to the top of the décor pond. Here are 4 that are currently trending. Note: Ads on this page will take you to …

Choosing Hardware for Your Kitchen - Modern, Traditional, and Farmhouse

Choosing Hardware for Your Kitchen – Modern, Traditional, and Farmhouse

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Whether you are building a new home or giving fresh life to an existing kitchen, hardware is an important element. It helps create your target style and can give the room character in a way plain cabinets can’t. But to truly pull off a specific style, there are certain consistent elements you should look for when picking out hardware. Here …

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What’s More Important – A Home’s Square-Footage or Layout?

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When you start the home buying process, you should have an idea of the size of home that you need. This will not only affect how much money you’ll spend but can also determine the location and condition of homes to choose from. This is usually referred to as heated square-feet, but size can mean different things to different people, …

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Find Your Dream Office Within the Dustiness of Your Garage

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Working from home is quickly becoming the norm for millions of people in the United States. In fact, the US Census reports that over 5 percent of the working population is currently operating from home. Despite the benefits of working from home, many freelancers and contracted employees are realizing that their kitchen or bedroom can’t cut it as a full-time …

Amazon Discover

Amazon Discover: Home Decor and Fixture Recommendations According to Your ‘Likes’

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Are you planning a room makeover or building a custom home? Are you having a hard time narrowing down the style of home decor and fixtures you want to include in your design? Amazon’s Discover tool may help. The new visual way to shop gives you instant recommendations according to your likes, so you can piece together a harmonious design …

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If you like sharing articles and blog posts about home design, interior decor, and holiday decorating, come join our Facebook group! You can also make posts requesting referrals for painters, electricians, handymen, etc., as well as recommendations for Southeastern North Carolina businesses (restaurants, shopping, etc.). Please note: We want to keep advertising to a minimum, and would prefer that businesses …

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Wilmington NC Carpenters Specializing in Custom Built-ins

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Custom built-ins are a great way to add value and function to your home. If there’s an idea you’ve been throwing around in your head, now may be a good time to speak with a carpenter. Whether it’s shelving in the living room, a window seat in the bedroom, or a corner banquette in the kitchen, they can give you …