2023 Home Trends to Watch: Curves

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Curves create flow and soften barriers, and make a room, overall, feel more welcoming. As homeowners try to create cozier and more inviting spaces within their walls, curves are starting to take over in all areas of the home, from furniture to finishes to architecture. Whether you’re building a new home or updating an existing one, here are some ways homeowners can incorporate this trend and reduce some of the sharp angles in their own homes.

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Arches are a beautiful architectural element that have been seen throughout time. French Country and Tuscan are some of the home styles that are well known for having arched doorways. You may even find them in American cottages and Mediterranean Style homes. Other homes have radius and Palladian windows, which include a half-moon pane of glass, the latter of which is a composite of more than one window. These types of architectural details help to interrupt the monotony of walls and can add some gorgeous curb appeal.

Curvy Tile

For a long time, subway tile, with its long straight lines, was a trending style for both kitchens and bathrooms. Now, we are seeing tile with curvy lines rising in popularity. The scalloped pattern of  Moroccan fish tail tile quickly comes to mind but what’s really making waves this year is the elongated version, which can give the illusion of taller walls.

Paseo is also a great curvy tile. It has an exotic character and is an excellent choice for those who prefer smaller tiles. It also comes in some lovely hues that are perfect for pops of color wherever you need them.

3D tile is another fun way to add curves to a home’s décor. It softens the look of a wall and adds interest through texture. There are a variety of 3D tile patterns, but waves or ribbons fit our current theme the best.

Asymmetrical Decor

The popularity of curves is bringing out a sub-trend – asymmetrical décor. These are pieces that are curvy in unexpected ways. You may even call them artsy.

One example of asymmetrical décor is an irregular rug. These types of rugs are cut into odd shapes, rather than the typical oval or rectangle. They may have just a few curves here or there, or they may be incredibly quirky and resemble brightly colored amoebas.

HuzyRugs - White Irregular Rug

HuzyRugs – White Irregular Rug

Another example of this style of home décor are asymmetrical mirrors. They come in various sizes and are great at adding depth to a room, especially when they are hung side by side. Personally, I think their shapes are like something that would pop up in The Flintstones.

DylannDuke - Wood Frame Asymmetrical Mirror

DylannDuke – Wood Frame Asymmetrical Mirror

Rounded Furniture

When it comes to furniture, straight edges are out. Instead, look for pieces with rounded profiles and cutouts. Even half-moon pieces fit the bill.

MetArtWooDesign - Split-Level Wooden Round Coffee Table

MetArtWooDesign – Split-Level Wooden Round Coffee Table

Shelves and side tables built with rounded corners are two examples of how rounded furniture can easily become conversations pieces. Some easily give off the feeling that it was carved from stone when it’s made from a lighter material.

AusiqueDecor - Curved Bedside Night Stand

AusiqueDecor – Curved Bedside Night Stand

Rounded furniture also works well with two style trends that are currently very popular – Boho and Mid-Century Modern. Arched shelves, self-supporting and wall-mounted, are iconic for Boho décor. Just add a picture frame, a vase, and a trailing plant, and you have all the laid-back vibes.

TheRawCut - Curved Wooden Arched Shelf

TheRawCut – Curved Wooden Arched Shelf

Mid-Century Modern furniture is known for its clean lines, simple designs, and curves. So many of the pieces that fit the rounded furniture trend are labeled as Mid-Century. Examples that are frequently seen include curved console cabinets and sideboards.

blanchefurniture - Nathan Luxury Curved Sideboard

blanchefurniture – Nathan Luxury Curved Sideboard

Sofas and chairs with dramatic curves are also very big in this trend. Many of the 2023 trends lean toward creating a very comfortable and inviting home, so soft, cushy seating is ideal. Barrel back sofas are a good example of this.

Tufted velvet sofas may not be as cushy as other sofas, but they have beautiful dramatic curves. They also come in some wonderful bright colors, which fit other 2023 home design trends.

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2023 Home Trends to Watch - Curves and Asymmetrical Decor

2023 Home Trends to Watch – Curves and Asymmetrical Decor

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