Girl Standing in Flood Waters

What to Know When the Home You Want to Purchase is in a Flood Zone

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So, you’ve found “the one”. Congrats! Oh, but you’ve also found out that it’s in a flood zone? First off, let’s put this into perspective. Everyone is in a flood zone. Some are just at a higher risk than others. Southeastern North Carolina is a coastal region. There are a lot of homes in areas that will at some point …

National Hurricane Center Storm Surge Map

How Bad is Flooding and Storm Surge in Wilmington?

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Are you concerned about flooding and storm surge in the Greater Wilmington Area (New Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick Counties)? Recently, the National Hurricane Center released a map showing areas of potential storm surge in the United States. The map is organized by Hurricane Wind Categories and shows the worse-case flooding scenarios. The National Hurricane Center said around 22 million people …

8 Hurdles to Overcome Before Reaching the Closing Table

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The buyers have finally found THE house, the sellers have been presented with a number they are happy with, and both parties have signed on the offer contract’s dotted line, but the race to closing has only just begun. Before the title can officially pass hands, there are some hurdles that both parties need to overcome. It’s unsettling to think …