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How to Assess the Health of a Homeowners’ Association

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REALTOR® Melanie Cameron explains how to assess the health of a homeowners’ association (HOA). This is important to know if you are buying a house, condo, or townhome in a community with an organization that makes and enforces rules for the properties, as well as maintains common areas. The purpose of an HOA is to uphold property values, but an …

What You Should Know Before Buying in a Homeowners Association

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Before you buy in a Wilmington community with a homeowners association, there are a few things you need to know to make sure you’re buying in a community where you will be happy living. But first, you must understand what a homeowners association (HOA) is. HOAs were first created to enforce and improve upon the restrictive covenants i.e. rules written …

The History of Homeowners Associations

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During the mid-1940s to 1950s, the installation of the Serviceman’s Readjustment Bill sprung the building of a large number of planned communities. These were houses that veterans could buy with low-interest loans provided by the government. Initially, these communities did not have home owners associations; however, they did have restrictive covenants that prohibited such things as laundry lines in the …