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Know What You Are Buying: Don’t Exclude These Important Tasks from Your Home Purchase

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When you pick up a box of food at the grocery store, do you read the ingredients? With health being a common concern, most people do. When you purchase a new gadget, do you check the packaging to see what’s included and to verify it hasn’t been tampered with? Likely. It’s not fun when you get home and realize you’re …

Melanie Cameron - What Do Sellers Need to Disclose When They Sell Their Home?

What Do Sellers Need to Disclose When They Sell Their Home? | Home Seller Tips

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Realtor Melanie Cameron explains which details need to be disclosed by sellers when putting their home on the market. If you are considering listing your home for sale, this is important information that you need to know. Get more great tips in our 60-page Seller Guide. Don’t forget to comment, share, and like this video on Facebook and YouTube to …

What Do North Carolina Home Sellers Need to Disclose?

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Wilmington Realtors® are often asked what’s required to be disclosed at the sale of a home. This is different from state-to-state, even city-to-city, because each has their own real estate commission that decides what is or isn’t important. A Realtor or real estate attorney can tell you what’s required where you live or are looking to buy. In North Carolina, …