What is the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance - Melanie Camero

What is the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance?

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Realtor Melanie Cameron shares an important resource for North Carolina homeowners – The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance. NC Homeowners Alliance is the voice for homeowners at the North Carolina General Assembly. Want to know upcoming changes that could make owning a home in North Carolina more expensive? Visit the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance Website. Home insurance rate hikes are a …

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The Upfront Costs of Buying a Home: Don’t Be Caught Off Guard!

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When you think about the money you need to buy a home, what comes to mind first? Probably the mortgage and down payment, right? While both are crucial for buying a home, there are other costs that buyers will need to pay before signing on the dotted line. If you’re planning to buy a home, don’t be caught off guard. …

How Do Wilmington Realtors Get Paid?

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There is a lot of confusion about how Wilmington Realtors get paid, because it’s not a traditional compensation structure. The details are all outlined in the Working with Real Estate Agents document, which most agents require clients to sign, but when the client receives this varies from agent to agent and even after reading the document, there still seems to …