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8 Important Documents Home Buyers Should Keep

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When you buy a home, it may feel like you’ve killed a small forest in the process because of all the paperwork you must read and sign. If you’re trying to organize your important papers and keep clutter to a minimum, recycling unneeded paperwork is a good first step; however, there are some documents from your home purchase that you …

What is Title Insurance and Do I Have to Have It

Do I Need to Do a Final Walkthrough? | Home Buyer Tips

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Realtor Melanie Cameron explains why homes buyers should have a final walkthrough of the property they are purchasing. She also shares the ideal timing for doing a walkthrough (hint: it’s not just prior to closing). Get more great tips in our 60-page Buyer Guide. Don’t forget to comment, share, and like this video on Facebook and YouTube to be entered …

When Can I Enter My New Home?

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It’s Closing Day and you have the keys to your brand new home. Chances are that you have a lot to get done before you settle in – cleaning, painting, installing, moving – you name it! Even new construction homes need a little bit of prep before you start setting up furniture and filling the kitchen cabinets. So, it’s completely …

Can Buyers Ask Home Sellers to Pay Their Closing Costs?

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First off, how closing costs are handled may differ from state to state. This advice applies to North Carolina. If you’re buying elsewhere, make sure you discuss your options with your Realtor. So, what are closing costs? For those who are unaware, they are the fees incurred from the process of conveying a piece of real estate to the buyer, …

Don’t Let Shortcuts Delay Your Home Closing

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It goes without saying that buying a house is a large investment, but some buyers don’t understand how committed they must be to the process, especially when it’s a couple purchasing. If they’re married or in a serious partnership, chances are that they trust their other half with many things. Otherwise, why would they be in a relationship? Some couples …

Can I Close Early On My New Home?

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Buying a home is an exciting experience. A move is always preceded by a need for something, like more space, more amenities, more features, or a more convenient location. There are so many possibilities awaiting you in your new home, so it’s expected that you want to be reaping the benefits as soon as possible. You may even want to …