More Than Just a Wilmington Real Estate Agent

You’re Hiring More Than Just a Wilmington Real Estate Agent

When you hire a Wilmington real estate agent on The Cameron Team, you aren’t just getting one person to help you buy or sell, you’re getting a whole group of professionals who specialize in one or more pieces of the real estate process. Each plays a role in making the big transaction happen, but you don’t always meet them. So, here’s the full list of people who you are hiring:

  1. Your Listing or Buying Specialist


They guide you through the process of preparing your home for sale and provide the means by which to list your home in the Multiple Listing Service. They orchestrate the marketing, facilitate showings, and represent your home, so you don’t have to. Once an offer is received, they provide facts and experience, so that you may make an educated decision on how to negotiate. They then act as a third-party middle person to protect your best interests and make sure all tasks that need to be done for closing are completed.


Despite being the go-to person for arranging home showings, your agent is more than a “door opener”. They point out property issues and public projects that may affect your investment. They’re not allowed to steer you to specific properties, but when you have a community or home you’re interested in, they can help you be aware of certain things that may affect your lifestyle, like a proposed bypass or community improvement projects. When you’ve found “the one”, their experience and knowledge helps you decide on a sound offer to purchase. They prepare the paperwork and act as third-party protecting your best interests in negotiations. Once the offer is accepted, they organize inspections, the attorney, additional negotiating (if needed), and more – all the moving parts required to close on the home.

  1. Client Care Specialist

Every real estate team has staff members that provide the support needed to make the real estate process happen. Our Client Care Specialists handle marketing and tech support for the team. Flyers, virtual tours, blogging, digital advertising, social media, and tech training are some of their responsibilities. They are also here to step in when one of the agents is unavailable to send paperwork or make a delivery. As clients, you don’t see them often, but they are the hub of the team making it possible for the agents to do their jobs.

  1. Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage Marketing Team

While we have our own marketing plan, our brokerage, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage, has its own marketing team. Through social media, digital advertising, search engine optimization, video marketing, syndication, and print advertising, they too promote listings throughout our market. This in-house team is excellent and constantly working to find new unique ways to reach home buyers.

  1. Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage Agent Technology Services (ATS)

You may be thinking, “But we aren’t agents – we’re clients.” True, but our in-house ATS department provides support that helps keep all Coldwell Banker seller and buyer tools up and running. No technology runs perfectly. For example, you may be surprised at how many issues we run into using, Zillow, Trulia, etc. to market homes. Listings stop updating or completely disappear and the ATS department tracks down why. They handle all issues that arise for all services provided by Coldwell Banker International and our local Sea Coast brokerage, from the program that provides all our forms to the email that we rely so heavily on for communication.

  1. Professional Photographer

Not all real estate agents pay for professional photography, but it truly makes the world of a difference. First impressions are so important in real estate and when most shopping is being done on the internet, listing photos are really your home’s first impression. So, we have a great photographer on our team, who does all our home listings and virtual tours.

  1. Professional Measurer

When it’s time to advertise your home’s square-footage, it’s best to go to an experienced third-party. That way there’s no contest. Our measurer has been doing this professionally for years, and we’ve never had any issue with his numbers.

  1. Closing Coordinator

Who better to handle some of the most important steps in the buying process than someone who does it every day for hundreds of clients over the course of a year? Our Closing Coordinator has been doing this job for years, which means she has formed relationships with many contractors, plumbers, home inspectors, pest inspectors, attorneys, etc. in our market. She knows who to use and who to avoid, and how companies operate. When she partners with your agent, she does an excellent job facilitating the required steps for Due Diligence and Closing within a timely manner.

  1. The Best Managing Brokers in the Market

The Cameron Team was established in 1994, so there isn’t much that we haven’t seen, but when difficult issues arise, we have the best group of managing brokers in the greater Wilmington real estate market. When we don’t have the answer, they do. They’re the biggest reason why Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage has reigned as the top real estate company in Southeastern North Carolina for over 16 years.

So, while you may be choosing a real estate agent from our team to work one-on-one with, know that you’re getting a whole group of professionals along with them. We work to support each other throughout each transaction and are happy to call of our buyers and seller clients and friends for life. You can see profiles for some of the people mentioned above on Our Team.

If you’d like more details about the services we provide as Wilmington real estate agents, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (910) 202-2546 or through our contact page. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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