Pumpkins - Fall - Pixabay - Coastal North Carolina

Fall in Coastal North Carolina is the “Locals’ Summer”

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Want to move to coastal North Carolina and enjoy the sunshine and moderate temperatures? We need to make one thing abundantly clear – we don’t really “do” fall. Oh, sure, we get the pumpkin spice lattes, “Fall Festivals”, and pumpkin decorations (just like the rest of North Carolina), but if you ask where the local pumpkin patch is, someone is …

Woman Holding Moving Box

How Much Does It Cost to Move in North Carolina?

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The cost of moving in North Carolina can vary widely depending on the size of your home, the location of your new dwelling, timing of the move, and any additional services needed (packing, special handling, equipment rental, etc.). While all moving companies will give you a quote on the cost to move your belongings, it’s important you have an idea …

3 Common Contractor Scams and How to Avoid Them - The Cameron Team - Preview

3 Common Contractor Scams…and How to Avoid Them

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Ever since Hurricane Florence, we’ve seen a plethora of contractors scamming homeowners who are trying to repair their homes. We always recommend reading online reviews and requesting references prior to committing to a contractor, and we never recommend paying for the entire job upfront. The majority of contractors are good people earning an honest living, but as a homeowner, you …

Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite

We are a 2019 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite!

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Wilmington Nextdoor users have voted, and we are a 2019 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and recommend us on the app. We didn’t even realize it was going on, so this was an extra-special surprise. via GIPHY If you aren’t familiar with Nextdoor, the app allows neighbors to communicate about neighborhood events …

What is Wire Fraud

What is Wire Fraud? How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

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According to the FBI’s 2018 Internet Crime Report, Americans lost nearly $150 million to real estate scams just last year. This is a country-wide problem, but it has happened right here in Wilmington – more than once and on a million dollar home! If you are considering buying a home in the Wilmington area, it’s so important for you to …