Custom Home Under Construction

How to Build a House: The Steps for Building a Custom or Semi-Custom Home

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Obviously, the title of this article is a bit inflated. It would take multiple books to explain all the steps of building a home, from developing a budget to installing a roof. If you’re planning on building your own home, you’re likely ready to jump head-first into all the technical details and already have some degree of experience with construction, …

Melanie Cameron in Cape Fear Real Producers

Melanie Cameron Featured in “Cape Fear Real Producers”

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REALTOR® Melanie Cameron is the featured cover story in April 2019’s issue of Cape Fear Real Producers, a magazine for connecting reputable real estate agents and trusted vendors. She has been a real estate broker since 1994. You can read all about how she got started and what drives her business 25 years later. Thinking about listing your greater Wilmington …

Bathroom by Christa Glover via Pexels

2019’s Most Wanted Bathroom Feature

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What is the #1 most wanted bathroom feature that buyers want? The answer may surprise you. Take a guess. We’ll wait… Have your answer? You may be thinking of a walk-in shower or Jacuzzi tub, or, perhaps, a walk-in closet. Close…it’s a linen closet. Yep! A boring old linen closet. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) surveyed 4,000 home …

Self-employed business owner

Self-Employed Mortgage Requirements – Assure That You Qualify

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Being self-employed can be a very rewarding experience. You carry a lot of responsibility for your own success and that of your business, but when you receive your paycheck, there’s no question that you earned every penny.  With close to 42 million people in America (about 33 % of workers) being self-employed, it’s easy to say there are many successful …