10 Signs It’s Time to Move to a New City

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There are moments when it’s sparkling clear that it’s time to move to a new city. You get a great job offer, get married, or are accepted to your dream school. Other times, it’s hard to be certain uprooting your whole life is the best choice. There are so many possibilities to be explored and not all of them may be good. If you have yet to decide to stay or go, here are 10 signs it may be time to move to a new city.

1. The City is Unaffordable

This seems pretty obvious, but the choice to live where you are is often clouded by emotional ties. Maybe it’s family being nearby, a long history of memory-making, or promises you made to yourself a long time ago, but something other than money is keeping you in your current city. If you’re constantly stressed out about paying bills and can’t afford to have fun anymore, it may be time to move on to someplace with a lower cost of living or better job prospects. After all, life is short, and you should be enjoying it.

2. Career Prospects are Low

Not all cities have great job prospects for every field. If you’re ready to excel but haven’t been getting anywhere with your current company, it could be a sign that this isn’t the career playing field that you need. There may be better opportunities in a new city. Of course, we highly recommend doing your research before choosing a new destination. Moving willy-nilly could put you in the same predicament.

3. Investment Potential is Poor

Financial planning is incredibly important and real estate is one of the most fruitful ways to invest. Every quarter, homes across the U.S. are gaining equity; however, if you plan on using real estate to save money for retirement, your primary real estate market should be performing in favor of your goals. Depending on if you’re looking to save money through your primary home’s equity or an investment property, home prices should be rising at a healthy rate and rentals should be in demand. If not, it may be in your best financial interest to change zip codes or you could lose money in the long run.

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4. The Weather is Tiresome

Too cold. Too wet. Too dry. Too hot. Too…it really doesn’t matter. You’re over the weather and in need of a new climate. As a top destination for retirees and northerners, we’ve see this A LOT. We get it, really. When your lifestyle disagrees with the weather on a daily basis, it can wear on your mental health.

5. It’s a Bad Proximity to Family

For people who are family oriented, living near family can be very important for well-being. If that’s you, moving closer to family could be the key to dealing with some loneliness and stress. On the other hand, when family is all up in your business, it can be stressful and stifling for your growth as a person. Some distance between you and them, or a few county lines, may be the resolution. Don’t worry, you can always move back after you’ve had time to achieve some goals.

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6. There are Too Many Bad Memories

Sometimes life sends you so many twists, turns, and smacks in the face that it leaves a mark on the landscape. Schools, restaurants, parks, theaters – they all are the settings for memories. If all you see are bad memories when you look around, it may be time to find a new city and start creating new memories.

7. Fun Opportunities are Nonexistent

We all have passions and activities we like to do during our free time. If you constantly find yourself bored and staying at home, and money isn’t a factor, it may just be a sign that your city doesn’t have the entertainment opportunities you need. So, why not go somewhere with more attractions and venues that are on par with your lifestyle?

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8. You Don’t Have a Tribe

No matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, having a tribe of people in your life that you can rely on is important for mental health and well-being. If you don’t have a tribe in your current city but have supportive friends elsewhere, moving closer to them might be good for you. Just don’t make the move without a job and housing in place or the move could be more stressful than good.

9. You Don’t Agree with the Local City and County Agencies

Are city ordinances impeding how you use your property? Do you disagree with the choices made by local county commissioners? Are property taxes getting too high? Has school redistricting ruined your family’s plans? Is the city development heading in a direction you don’t like? Decisions made by city and county agencies affect your lifestyle. If you find yourself complaining about them…a lot…that’s a sign it’s probably time to move to another city or county.

10. You Have a Gut Feeling

Your city is still affordable, your career is healthy, you have a support group, and everything else is a-okay – but something is still tugging at your inner barometer. Maybe there’s a city that keeps drawing your attention or something doesn’t feel quite right – whatever it is, you have a gut feeling that you should move. It’s possible the universe is telling you to find green pastures and if you’re in search of some adventure, now may be the time to change cities and experience new opportunities.

Tell us in the comments: If you could move right now, where would you go?

10 Signs It's Time to Move to A New City

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