Transforming Your Chain Link Fence: Tips and Tricks

Cottage Home with Carolina Jessamine and Chain Link Fence in Front

Is your chain link fence an eye sore? Does it lack pizzazz? Do you need more privacy? Whatever your challenge, we’ve got you covered with our chain link fence tips and tricks. They’ll help you transform your fence into something a little closer to your tastes without sacrificing its integrity.

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Tip 1: Add Privacy to Your Chain Link Fence

While a chain link fence is good at keeping your pets in your yard and the average thief out, they aren’t the best for privacy. You could go old school and install some privacy tape. While this may be one of the cheaper routes to go, it takes days to install and is rough on your hands, and it doesn’t last very long.

Privacy inserts are another option. These look similar to privacy tape, but they are made to last longer. The SoliTube brand has an 80%-98% privacy factor and the Ridged brand has 75%-85%, depending on the size of the fence holes. These too take time to install, but they last longer than privacy tape.

If you want privacy with less work and a similar privacy factor, try an outdoor wind screen. This one-piece HDPE screen blocks 90% of the view and is easy to install with two people. It has reinforced grommets along the edge and attaches to the fence with zip ties. Not only will it block the view and wind, it also provides UV protection. Just make sure you install it on the side that gets hit with the most wind so the fence can reinforce it. Otherwise, it may blow out and flap like a tarp would.

Now, we know that a windscreen can be pretty blocking looking and not everyone wants that. But we looked for a more natural looking privacy screen, and they all looked pretty…un-natural. Comprised of primarily fake ivy, some looked okay in small areas but wouldn’t be very appealing across a long fence.

However, if you would still like the natural look, we recommend planting a pretty vine. It’s best to choose something native, because it’s more likely to maintain a nice appearance with little work and will help native wildlife.

If you’re in Coastal North Carolina, like we are, here are some great native vines:

  1. Carolina Jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens)
  2. Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata)
  3. Coral Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens)
  4. American Wisteria (Wisteria frutescens)

Trick: When a vine is first planted, it should be pruned to within inches of the ground. This will encourage it to grow a strong root system that will set it up for a long, healthy life.

Important: Please avoid planting Japanese Honeysuckle and Asian Wisteria, as these are both considered to be invasive plants. Also, sometimes people like to choose freestanding plants, trees, and shrubs to create a private area. Because bamboo is so fast growing and dense, it’s often recommended as a privacy plant. HOWEVER, bamboo can be very invasive and will likely spread beyond your property to your neighbors, who will definitely not appreciate it. Please avoid planting bamboo.

Tip 2: Beautify Your Chain Link Fence with Planters

Thanks to the open design of chain link fences, they’re so easy to hang planters on them. There’s a wide variety to choose from, whether you want to hang a planter from the frame or the chain. You can go traditional with these three wall pots or go wild with polk-a-dots.

If you choose right, you can even get some privacy out of them. A vertical pocket wall planter is almost 4 feet long and solid. If you hang a few next to each other, you can block the view through part of your fence, like the area beside a patio or deck.


Trick: Want fresh fruit in spring/summer? Strawberries are great for planting in hanging pots because they don’t need a large planter. Hanging pots keep the fruit off the ground and away from hungry bunnies. Just make sure the pot has drainage holes, because strawberry plants don’t like to sit in water.

Tip 3: Dress Up Your Fence with Metal Art

Colorful metal art is a fun way to add interest to your chain link fence. Many pieces can be easily secured with a bit of wire or a zip tie. You can face them inward for you to enjoy or, depending on the location, face them outward for passersby to see.

These gorgeous butterflies come in 8 different colors and 4 multicolors, and would look wonderful secured amidst one of the vines mentioned above.

If you like the butterflies, you may also like these 3 dragonflies with cutout wings.

There’s also a large selection of metal flowers that are sure to delight.

Trick: These chain link fence hangers can hold up to 20 pounds and require no tools for installation. They’re perfect for holding pool tools, hoses, rakes, small buckets, and many other things with handles.

Tip 4: Use the Fence to Light Your Yard

Lighting the perimeter of your yard with string lights or hardwired ground lights can be expensive because of the electricity they use. One option is to go battery powered or solar powered. There are metal post lights that you can easily install on top of each post, but the reviews show they’re really hit-or-miss and not very powerful.

Another option is these cool solar powered hanging lights that look like string patio lights but are sold separate. They automatically turn off during the day and can be hung via the included clip or with an S-hook or zip tie. How neat would these look hung along a chain link fence!


You may also want to consider a solar powered rope light. Not everyone likes the look of rope lights, but if you don’t mind them, there is a highly-rated set from ICRGB. Fully charged, they last 8-12 hours and have a remote control.


Trick: Use clear zip ties or zip ties that match the color of your fence to secure lights. That way, they’ll be less obvious and blend in.

Do you have any tips or tricks for upgrading a chain link fence? Share them in the comments!

Transforming Your Chain Link Fence: Tips and Tricks

Transforming Your Chain Link Fence: Tips and Tricks

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