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3 of the Best Apps to Help You Identify Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

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It’s amazing how far artificial intelligence (AI) has come. Six years ago, I remember looking for an app to help me identify plants. I was disappointed to find the ones in existence were either buggy or had a very limited database. Nowadays, there are multiple options that allow you to identify plants, trees, and shrubs from pictures taken on your …

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Choosing the Best Grass Type for Your Wilmington Home

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There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh green grass on a warm spring day. Choosing the best grass type for your Wilmington home is crucial for improving curb appeal. In order to flourish, Carolina lawns need healthy soil, sunlight, moisture, nourishment, and a little TLC (tender lawn care). Note: This is a guest blog post by Jamie Coombs. See his …

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9 Moisture-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

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If you want to create a spa-like experience in your home’s bathrooms, houseplants are a good accessory for creating a relaxing atmosphere. However, bathrooms aren’t the most ideal room for growing things. Oftentimes, they lack light and can be subject to extreme environment changes when people are bathing or drying their hair. So, it’s important to choose plants wisely. Below …

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Amazon Plants Store Launches: Delivers Live Plants to Your Doorstep

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Plants have been available from independent sellers on Amazon for some time now, but the process of finding and purchasing plants is now more streamlined with Amazon Plants Store. You can order the plants online and have them shipped to you. We believe in supporting local nurseries and plant stores because small business keeps the area’s economy healthy, but sometimes …

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10 Plants to Improve Indoor Air Pollution

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When people hear “air pollution” they usually think of the air polluted by carbon monoxide from cars or sulfur dioxide from factories. They don’t think of the air inside their homes, which can be polluted by mold and pollen, tobacco smoke, pesticides, household cleaners, asbestos, formaldehyde, and lead, to name a few. This can be especially bothersome during the winter, …