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How to Mindfully Make Moving Easier for Kids

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No move comes without some sadness, especially when you have kids. As adults, even if we hate our current home, there’s always some part of it that we are fond of – the daily routine we’ve grown used to, a favorite nearby restaurant, a kind neighbor, or even the little bird that perches outside the window every morning. For kids, …

Buying Advice from Real Home Buyers

Buying Advice from Real Buyers

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This month, I invited a wonderful group of bloggers from MyBlogU to answer some questions about their home buying experiences. The result was some really good first-hand advice, not from us, the Realtors, but from the perspective of people who have already bought. Now, keep in mind that these bloggers hail from across the world, but I think you’ll notice …

Can I Tax Deduct Moving Expenses

Can I Tax Deduct Moving Expenses?

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Q. Can I Tax Deduct Moving Expenses? A. Yes, if your move is due to a change in jobs or business locations and your home meets certain requirements. The first is a CLOSENESS requirement. You must have moved within 1 year of reporting to your new job or business location. The second is a DISTANCE requirement. Your new home and …