The Math to Determine if a Property is a Good Investment Blog

The Math to Determine if a Property is a Good Investment

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No two real estate markets are exactly the same: economic growth, buyer demand, and the overall design of the market’s physical landscape influence how properties are sold and rented. An investor must have a personal understanding of the market (or know someone who does) in order to choose a profitable property. However, when sorting through the multiple homes listed for …

Co-Living Apartments

Are Co-Living Apartments the Key to More Affordable Housing?

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One of the biggest challenges that people in their 20s face is housing affordability. Looming student loan bills and rising costs of living are some of the contributing factors. While we love, love, love to help people to buy homes, the fact of the matter is that not everyone can afford to. For the person fresh out of college or …

2016 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey

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We hope you got to enjoy this weekend’s beautiful weather. This is an exciting time of year, because many of Wilmington’s annual events are starting up, including the Downtown Sundown Concert Series and Riverfront Farmer’s Market, which added a second location at Ogden Park on Wednesdays. So, if you haven’t had a chance to check out some of the local …

Buy Where Starbucks Goes?

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Today, I read an interesting suggestion for choosing your new home’s community. If you want to purchase a home that will have the highest resale value possible, “go where Starbucks goes.” I find it amusing that I should read this now. I was recently at the Harris Teeter in Landfall where they’ve put in a new Starbucks. If you aren’t …

Don’t Make These 5 Flipping Mistakes

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Are you considering purchasing a Wilmington home to flip? With good planning, there’s money to make off renovating and upgrading homes, but if you’re new to the business, there’s a lot to learn. We’re sure any expert home flipper will tell you they’ve had their own growing pains. We’re not experts in flipping homes, but we can provide some guidance …