Is Dark Green the Color of 2021?

Is Dark Green the Color of 2021

Every year, big names in home décor and fashion like to name their own Color of the Year. 2021 saw quite a mix of colors.

Bejamin Moore: Aegean Teal 2136-40

Sherwin-Williams: Urbane Bronze SW 7048

Pantone: Ultimate Gray 17-5104 and Illuminating (Yellow) 13-0647

It’s not altogether clear how these companies come up with their chosen colors. Some present them as reflections of the year’s social moods. A few try to outright sway the attitude of the general population with their chosen colors (yellow will make everyone happier in a pandemic). Others try to predict what they think will be appealing based on what they saw in the previous year. Whatever the method, it’s fun to see if any actually pick up in popularity.

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Then, there are colors that push themselves to the top and demand attention. These are colors that no one has outright labeled as a “color of the year” but have evolved naturally as a popular hue.

And this year, it seems to be dark green with undertones of yellow or gray.

The hue is popping up in home offices, exuding a masculine feeling. This one features Sherwin-William’s Billiard Green (SW 0016). It’s bold and pairs well with fixtures and furnishings with gold undertones.

Paneling looks exceptionally good painted a dark green. It has a nice calming feel to it, which is why it has become popular in bathrooms. This one is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Backwoods (469).

Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green (HC-188) is a great option for creating contrast in a bedroom. You can see it below. Also note the fun use of molding for added dimension.

Here is another example of Essex Green but in a living room. Many of these greens pair well with gold and wood with yellow undertones, making the room feel warm and inviting.

Dark green is the new dark blue when it comes to kitchen cabinets. This kitchen features Sherwin-William’s Pewter Green (SW 6208) cabinets, which pair fabulously with white marble countertops.

Shades of dark green have even made it into kitchenware. The popular French stoneware company Le Creuset launched a new color this year – Artichaut. It’s coloring is inspired by – you guessed it – artichokes.

And, yes, in case you’re wondering, green is making an impact on fashion in 2021. But I’ll leave that to the experts to write about, because, well, I haven’t bought new clothes in two years.

As technology treads increasingly deeper into our lives, humans feel a greater need to reconnect with and become grounded in the natural world. Colors and materials from nature help to do that, which is why interior design styles like Scandinavian and Cottagecore, which incorporate natural wood, materials, and flowers, have grown in popularity. Dark green is an ideal hue for nature seekers looking to make their homes feel like a sanctuary.

Do you like color palettes that include dark green? Do you plan on incorporating it into your home? Share in the comments!

Is Dark Green the Color of 2021?

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