How to Make Your Fireplace Mantel Spooktacular

How to Make Your Fireplace Mantel Spooktacular

Halloween is right around the corner and, if you’re a fan of the holiday, you’re likely excited to get decorating. Whether you’re in a new home and decorating your fireplace mantel for the first time or looking to freshen up your decor, we’ve got you covered. Below are some tips for making your fireplace mantel look spooktacular.

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1. Drape Your Mantel with Halloween Trimmings

Your mantel display should have something to tie it all together, and what you put underneath your collection of decorations is a great place to start. Whether it be a cloth, weave, or garland, choose something that fits the theme of your decorations – cute, scary…or just a tad bit spooky.

Black Lace Spiderweb

This spiderweb fireplace mantel cover provides the perfect amount of Halloween elegance for a mantel. It measures 18″ x 96″ and is made of non-creasing polyester. Just make sure it hangs well above the fire. While polyester does resist catching on fire, it will melt at higher temperatures.

Ghost Mantel Scarf

Keep in mind, just because it’s Halloween, you don’t have to go all black. If you want to have a lighter color scheme, consider this ghost mantel scarf or choosing another antique looking white scarf for a “Woman in White” type of theme.

Lighted Fall Maple Leaves Garland

Looking for an option you can leave up all autumn? Consider this garland of white fairy lights and red-orange maple leaves. Once Halloween is over, just change out your spooky decor for something more fall-ish. The garland measures 9.8ft and is battery operated.

2. Add a Sign (or Two)

So many cute Halloween signs – how do you choose?! We recommend sticking to a theme, like cute trick-or-treaters or gothic Victorian.  It will help you narrow your choices and keep the decorations looking cohesive.

Black Bat Apothecary Sign

A fireplace mantel is the perfect place to put a Halloween sign. This Black Bat Apothecary sign measures 12″ x 18″ (also available in 8″ x 12″) and is made of aluminum. It’s guaranteed not to fade or peel, and is light enough to mount with removable stickers but would work great just resting on the mantel.

“WICKED” Wood Blocks Sign

Wood signs are a fun way to add color to your Halloween mantel. You can get them with a variety of sayings, from the classic “Trick or Treat” or “Boo” to “Beware of Little Monsters“. There’s something for every personality. This set says “Wicked” in a funky font.

Halloween Tiered Tray Signs

If you’re looking for something cute for your mantel, look for Halloween tiered tray signs. These are specifically marketed for double and tri-level kitchen trays, like the ones used for displaying tea cakes, but these little signs also work great on mantels. Here are two examples:

Witch Hat, Black Cat, and Jack O’Lantern

Witch’s Brew

3. Create Ambiance with Candles, Candles, Candles

Candles and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly….burgers and fries…Morticia and Gomez…and mantels are a fitting place to put them on display. So, consider adding a few to your decor.

5-Candle Black Candelabra

While you could go for something spookier, like a skeleton candelabra or zombie hand candle holder, we like the idea of a plain black candelabra, because it can be reused for other occasions. Just add black, red, or orange taper candles to fit the theme of the holiday.

Spooky Flameless Candles

Not a fan of candles or open flames but want the same effect? We get it. Many times, we sell homes where the fireplace was never used, because the owners didn’t feel comfortable. It can also be an issue if there are homes or animals in the house who may knock decorations down. Luckily, there are some cute flameless candles, like this trio. They’re made of real wax but run on batteries. The best part is they don’t just look good lit. They look like little paintings in the daylight.

Halloween Snow Globe Candles

Looking for something unique? This “candle” is a glittery snow globe. The inside spins like a tornado with images on the inside chasing the movement. It’s mesmerizing to watch. The candle sits 10″ tall and is battery powered. It comes in 3 colors and themes – castle, spider web, and cemetery.


4. Add Interest with Figurines

Figurines are an easy way to add interest and dimension to your Halloween fireplace mantel.

Posable Skeletons

Skeletons are an easy choice if you’re going for a scarier theme. These skeletons are 16″ tall and made of durable plastic. Their jaws, arms, and legs move, so you can place them in serious or funny poses to fit your other decor, and changed on a whim.

Faux Ravens

How can you tell the difference between a crow and raven? A crow’s tail fans out while a raven makes a wedge or V shape. Either way, they’re black birds that fit “the bill” for our spooktacular mantels. These ravens measure 5″ tall and 9″ long. They sit pretty, which is why we chose to feature them, but you can find more ruffled versions.

Stacked Resin Jack O’Lanterns

Stacked resin pumpkins are a classic option for your fireplace mantel. These lighted jack o’lanterns are battery operated and stand 9.8″ tall. It’s always nice to find a battery-operated option, because cords can take up space and ruin the aesthetic.

Vampire Cat

One of the wonderful things about resin figurines is that they come in so many cute forms. It’s a great way to display your loves, like cats, in a Halloween theme. This vampire cat comes in 3 different colors – ginger, black, and gray. How can anyone say no to that smile?

Lighted Ceramic Halloween Tree

Do you remember the classic ceramic Christmas Trees made in the 1960s an 1970s? Manufacturers now make Halloween versions of those trees. You can get the full-size version or there are battery operated ones like this one, which may or may not fit on your mantel better.

Velvet Pumpkins

Soften up your Halloween decor with velvet pumpkins. They come in a variety of colors, so you could choose Autumn colors, rather than Halloween, if you want to leave them out throughout the season. The variety below works great for Halloween, especially if you have a Victorian Gothic theme.

Stuffed Halloween Gnomes

Gnomes are a symbol of good luck, and their inclusion in home decor has grown in popularity. This is beneficial for us, because we now get to see adorable gnomes for every holiday – like this wizard one. Whatever theme your have, chances are there is a gnome to fit it.

5. Go High with Your Decorations

Depending on what’s above your mantel, you can create a dramatic effect by taking your decorations upward, whether it be hanging decor or tall trimmings.

3D Wall Bats

Did you know one of the words for a group of bats is “cauldron”? Very fitting, right? These bats, most often made from PVC, are the perfect way to bring your fireplace to life. Spread them out in a cauldron across the wall and make it look like they just flew out of a cave (or your fireplace). So much fun! Just a word to the wise, make sure the adhesive is removable without a hair dryer or you may risk damaging the paint on your wall.

Black Feather Wreath

Wreaths are a popular decor piece for above the fireplace. You can go fancy with lights and sparkly embellishments, or you can go understated with this black feather wreath. It’s literally “light as a feather”, so it can be hung over a mirror or decorative window frame.

Dry Willow Branches

Bare branches are great for creating a spooky effect. These willow branches are 29.5″ tall and have wire in them so you can get the perfect blend. Stick them in a vase that matches your decor, and they’ll raise the height of your decorating.

Some of Our Favorite Halloween Mantels

Are you looking for more inspiration? Below are a few of our favorite Halloween mantels from other bloggers. They’re definitely worth checking out if you have the time.  Happy decorating!

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