How To Beat the Winter Blues Inside Your Home

Something special happens in our homes as the chilly winter weather rolls in. Our homes are flooded with guests, which gives us a free pass to enjoy the extra calories from anything and everything that comes out of the oven.

After weeks of overindulging and several pounds later, we begin to realize that winter comes with some doom and gloom. It’s a subject that people usually talk about only after cabin fever has already taken hold of them.

Why don’t we prepare for the unavoidable to help prevent those winter blues?  Since most of our time is spent indoors due to being cooped up and early sundowns, our home décor plays a significant impact on our mental well-being and moods.

How To Brighten Your Space With Color

The white winter landscape and overcast gray skies, although beautiful, can become a bit depressing. Fortunately, color has been proven to uplift our spirits, among other things. Therefore, we should use a bold color to give contrast while also adding some vibrancy into our dull color palettes.

Now, this is not a license to go wild with bright oranges, yellows, and hot pinks everywhere. Simply choose one bold color which will give a needed pop into your current décor palette and thread that color throughout your home.

This can be done by adding a vase, throw blanket, or pillow here and there.

Get Cozy and Comfortable

To add in some coziness into your home, pay specific attention to the textures on your fabrics and textiles.  I’m sure you would agree that you would not want to be stuck in an itchy wool sweater all day.

So, when browsing for those extra décor pieces to sprinkle around your home, remember your comfort level is essential. During winter months, our outdoors are bare and icy; aim towards making your home cozy, warm, and inviting to fight off those winters blues.

Come on, is there anything better than a soft silky blanket wrapped around you while enjoying a movie on a cold winter night? Not really!

Also, you may consider adding an area rug near your bed. The first few minutes of your day are critical, and having your feet feeling a cold bare floor first thing in the morning is not very pleasant.

Connect With Nature

Greenery can instantly beautify our surroundings and lower our stress levels in the process. Not only do plants possess air-purifying qualities, they also have their own sense of style. The added pops of green are welcomed in just about any space.

Personally, I find it amazing how nature’s colors are not competitive with other colors within a design. The natural shades of green play nicely within any color palette and elevate the entire décor.

In fact, turning the interiors of our homes into a garden or jungle-like sanctuary has become pretty popular. Whether your décor style is boho, farmhouse, or minimalistic, adding in some plants just takes the design to a new level.   That is especially true in winter months.


Do you know that feeling you have as your senses begin smelling the apple pie baking? Or when you jump into a bed that has freshly laundered linens after a long day?

Aromatherapy can play a large part in uplifting your winter blues. It can give a surge of happiness and bring calmness to a stressful day.  In other words, it can make you feel better, almost insistently.

Now, since it’s impractical to clean our linens daily and unhealthy to bake pies every day, here are my go-to’s.  During winter months, update your hand soaps to include aromatherapy.

When including candles throughout your home, try to use the same scent so as not to cause sensory overload by conflicting smells. Lastly, add in a few drops of aromatherapy oil while cleaning or use a natural aromatherapy product.

In Conclusion

Let’s enjoy the winter wonderland when stepping outside our homes and leave the winter blues at the front door. By adding some vibrant colors and life with some plants in our décor can not only beautify our spaces, but it can also be a game-changer for our happiness.

Incorporating a few of these tips and tricks will make sipping your cocoa all the more sweeter.

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How to Beat the Winter Blues Inside Your Home

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