HGTV Announces New Series for Newly-Single Homeowners

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but we’ve got an announcement that may appeal to those of you who are getting over a long-term relationship. HGTV, best known for its series House Hunters and Fixer Upper (both of which often feature happy couples looking to buy), is launching a new series of a different mold. Unspouse My House will be hosted by Orlando Soria, an interior designer, writer, visual artist, and “self-proclaimed breakup expert”. The series will help “newly single clients to overhaul their homes and heal their lonely hearts with laughter, support and beautiful design.”

I’ve been in a little bit of a content hole lately. Like having a hard time coming up with things to share. I think it’s because all my creative energy is pouring into my upcoming show “Unspouse My House” (Coming soon to @hgtv!). It’s a good thing and I’m learning a lot and meeting some truly wonderful people (Side note: you guys are gonna love this show. The people involved are all incredible, such interesting/heartbreaking stories, such beautiful home transformations, it’s like everything a TV show should be, pretty to look at AND filled with helpful design tips AND relatable human stories, KIND OF LIKE MY BOOK, AVAILABLE AT THE LINK-IN-PROF). Anyway, I’m kinda entering into unchartered territory (for me) with this show so I’ve been a bit distracted and excited by it all. I think I was ready for a new challenge, so I’m welcoming all the questions the show is bringing up and all the ways it’s helping me grow professionally. Speaking of challenges, one challenge I’m not so fond of is a diagonal fireplace (or a diagonal anything really). It’s definitely one of my pet peeves because diagonals make a room much harder to lay out, just an inefficient use of space. So when @ormomdo and #orlandad moved into a house with a diagonal fireplace my first thought was RIP IT OUT AND PUT IT ON A REAL WALL. But that would have been a tremendous expense so they ended up leaving it as is. We painted the (previously 70s and crazy) fireplace white and went with a simple art/styling scheme (I made the painting above the mantel). The corner fireplace looks a lot more inviting than it did when they moved in, and we didn’t even have to do any hard construction! LET THIS BE A LESSON TO ALL OF US THAT PRETTY ART AND ELEGANT DECOR CAN SAVE US FROM TERRIBLE ARCHITECTURE FAUX PASES (what’s plural of faux pas???). Whatever bye. Photo by @zekeruelas #CasaSoria #Showlando #unspousemyhouse SOURCES TAGGED K?

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The network has picked up 6 half-hour episodes of Unspouse My House and, as we know well in Wilmywood, the success of those will determine the longevity of the series, which is slated to premier in late 2019. We’re sure it will be a hit. After all, how many people have experienced the tang of bad memories after their ex has moved out? It could very well inspire a new wave of renovations and redecorating, just like Fixer Upper did.

Another day, another dollar. JUST KIDDING I’VE MADE LITERALLY ZERO DOLLARS TODAY. But guess what I AM making??? An @hgtv show!!! If you live in the LA area, recently went through a breakup, and are looking to renovate your home and start fresh, APPLY TO BE ON ‘UNSPOUSE MY HOUSE’!!! I’m so excited to get started shooting this show and I know you’re all gonna love it (which is saying a lot because I’m rarely this confident in, like, anything). But I need your help! If you or anyone you know fits the above description, send them my way! They can apply via the link-in-profile or by emailing [email protected] IN OTHER NEWS HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THE ROMANS FROM @theshadestore THAT @ormomdo HELPED PICK OUT FOR HER KITCHEN??? The pretty pattern boggles my mind every time I see it. ANYWAY BE ON MY SHOW BE MY FRIEND OKAY BYE. Photo @zekeruelas #hgtv #unspousemyhouse #showlando #casasoria

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Newly-single individuals in Southern California can apply to be on the show by emailing their name, location, contact info, occupation, phot, social media links, and a short description about their current situation.

Then again, if you aren’t really into home makeovers and want to quickly move on to a new place that’s all your own, we can help! If you’re in Southeastern North Carolina, we can help you sell and purchase a new home. If you’re outside our normal coverage area, we have an award-winning referral network that can place you with a great agent. Just reach out to us and let us know your situation.

Will you be watching Unspouse My House?

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