Create an Experience and Atmosphere for Your Home Showings

Soulful Interiors - Denise Langan - Scandinavian Style

Selling a property is not just about all the hardware, fancy appliances, or a state-of-the-art marble walk-in shower. It’s to build a vivid picture of the lives potential home buyers can live when they purchase the property. We need to top-up our selling game by creating an atmosphere and an experience for the buyers. The moment they enter the door, they are entering a gate of a potential new life filled with opportunities. To create this is relatively simple and does not require a high investment.

Note: This is a guest blog post by Denise Langan of Soulful Interiors. See her bio below.

1. Decluttering

Nothing is worse than going into a home filled with clutter. For all the visible areas, tidy everything. Put things in order. If you are struggling with storage, invest in a few baskets or storage boxes so you can hide the messes. A cluttered home gives off a really negative vibe, and it would be hard for the potential buyers to envision their lives there. Besides, it is affecting the flow of energy, and you definitely wouldn’t want that!

Soulful Interiors - Denise Langan - Scandinavian Style

Soulful Interiors – Denise Langan – Decluttering

2. Books and Decorative Accessories

Some home stagers would bring in cushions, throws to enhance the color scheme. However, they are not enough to create an inviting atmosphere. Essentially, selling is about telling a story of a particular lifestyle, and nothing tells a story better than decorative accessories and books. If you’re targeting young families in the city, think about an eclectic mix of vintage accessories with a Scandinavian style sleek vase. It speaks of an interesting personality. Pairing it with books such as Kinfolk or Monocle adds to the sense of sophistication

Play around with the way you display books. You can display some horizontally with a paper weight on top so that the beautifully designed cover can be shown. Also, it’s always aesthetically pleasing if you group similar colored books together.

Don’t forget to put a few books on the nightstand, pairing it with a glass on a tray. It is subconsciously telling the buyers that it is somewhere a good, calm, evening can be achieved.

Soulful Interiors - Denise Langan - Living Room Side Table

Soulful Interiors – Denise Langan – Living Room Side Table

3. Art

Art does not need to be expensive and it’s the best and easiest thing you can do, not only to create an atmosphere, but potentially cover imperfections on the wall. When you put your property up for sale, think about your potential buyers and appeal to their taste when you purchase the art. By art I don’t mean that you need to go to the latest Sotheby’s auctions. There are plenty of interesting illustrations by upcoming illustrators or artists on Etsy and similar websites. Again, think about your audience when you purchase the art. Go for pictures of nature, if it’s a living room for a family with grown up children. If it’s for a nursery, think of cute illustrations featuring animals. There are countless options there – think of how you’d like to experience the room and pick the best one!

Soulful Interiors - Denise Langan - Living Room

Soulful Interiors – Denise Langan – Living Room

4. Music & Scent

Both music and scent are the secret weapons when it comes to creating an atmosphere. Nevertheless, we need to be careful about the choice. Do not use scents that can be too overpowering. Opt for something natural and uplifting, like peppermint, bergamot, and citrus. Avoid over-spraying in every single corner of the property. You want the buyers to experience the property entirely, not only the scent!

Candles is always a good idea. Not only do they give out scent, it’s also a great decorative element that engages different senses. Putting one on top of a coffee table or in the bathroom is always inviting.

Music plays a crucial part. Choose music that’s upbeat and calming, ideally without lyrics to ensure everyone can participate in conversation

The bottom line is there’s not a fixed formula to create an atmosphere that suits all. You need to figure out who your targeted market is and get into their heads. Figure out a way to make your home appealing to them. And then slowly assemble different elements together. Curate a welcoming, alluring environment as soon as they step in the door. If you make sure you appeal to all their senses, a warm and friendly experience is guaranteed.

Guest Blogger: Denise Langan • Soulful Interiors

Denise is the founder of Soulful Interiors, a boutique interior styling studio based in Edinburgh but working worldwide, offering online and offline interior design services. Prior to setting up her own practice, she worked for an international interior styling company based in Hong Kong, managing interior styling projects for luxury hotel clients and property developers.

Soulful Interiors is dedicated to help clients to create a home that can nourish, inspire their souls. We believe that our home is a projection of our soul and we should always harness its energy to be the best version of ourselves.

Create an Experience and Atmosphere for Your Home Showings

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