A Doorbell That Senses Fevers and Logs Visitors

In July last year, we wrote about how homes will look after the pandemic and how many will be incorporating more healthful features…but we really didn’t expect this!

This week is the Consumer Electronics Show or CES®, as it is better known nowadays. One of the CES 2021 Innovation Award Honorees is the Ettie Smart Video Doorbell, which among the expected functions of a smart doorbell, reads the body temperatures of visitors. Doing so, it can determine if a person is running a fever. In the time of Covid, this electronic device has the opportunity to be incredibly useful.

The Ettie Smart Video Doorbell records HD video with a 160-degree panoramic. It has live streaming and allows you to speak to visitors. It’s much like the popular Ring Doorbell.

However, Ettie uses infrared to sense the body temperature of each visitor, deliveryman, etc. and logs it. The person needs to stand directly in front of the device for an accurate reading. Then, through lights and sounds, it communicates if the person can enter.

When they enter, their picture is taken and the entry time is recorded to help with contact tracing. The doorbell keeps track of capacity and notifies the owner when maximum capacity is close to being reached. While the latter features may not be in high demand for homeowners, they could prove useful to private businesses that need to keep track, as well as provide proof if their capacity is ever questioned.

With a vaccine being administered, is the rollout of Ettie too late? Covid is likely not completely going away anytime soon, and its features could be beneficial during cold and flu season, especially in workplaces.

What do you think?

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Meghan Henderson
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