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Authors, Celebrities, Astronauts (and more) Reading Books Online

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With most of the country practicing self-isolation and many kids home from school in wake of the coronavirus pandemic, authors, celebrities, astronauts, teachers, and more are taking to online video to read stories to kids. Some do this on a regular basis, others are doing it in light of current affairs. Here is a comprehensive list of the ones we …

Home with Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal Improvement Tips to Consider Before Listing

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Curb appeal has long been hailed by REALTORS® as key to attracting buyers, and thus a major Return on Investment for sellers. It is what obviously, and strikingly, makes your home’s first impression. Welcoming and reasonably low maintenance, good curb appeal expresses the “personality” of the house to invite instant connection from potential buyers. It is coherent, color-coordinated, and easy …

Condos Vs. Townhomes: What are the Differences?

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Whether you’re looking to make your first real estate purchase, downsize, or snag a property at the beach, you may notice that condos and townhomes offer similar living situations. They’re both types of attached dwelling units that offer lower maintenance options than single-family detached homes. However, ownership across the two can look quite different, and we are here to break …

Stone Mosaic Walkway

Get Creative with Stone in Your Back Yard

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It’s close to spring. The weather is still cool. The bugs are minimal. Now is a great time to get some backyard projects completed. If you’re looking to make your outdoor space stand out, consider getting creative with stone. Here are some of our favorite ideas. Please note: The Cameron Team has not been paid or received any other compensation …

Early 2020 Wilmington NC Market Update

Early 2020 Wilmington NC Market Update

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It’s typical for home sales at the beginning of the year to look drastically different from those in the final months of the prior year. Frequently, buyers and sellers aim to complete the real estate process prior to December 31st in order to apply the financial benefits to their upcoming taxes. So, it’s not uncommon to see a big dip …

Accounting - Analytics- Balance

Increased Home Values Do Not Equal Less Affordability

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A tight inventory and buyer demand has led to an increase in home values. The typical home in the United States now costs $244,054. That is 3.7% higher than December 2018, according to a report from Zillow. When potential buyers see prices rise, it’s a gut reaction to think that homes are less affordable, and they should hold off on …

Plastics and Other Garbage on Ocean Beach

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste from Shopping to Home

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Living in an oceanside community, a person can’t help but be cognizant of how much we rely on that gorgeous body of water. From seafood companies that provide jobs and food for local restaurants to charter companies that host water tours and fishing trips, our economy is intertwined with what the ocean can provide. That doesn’t even mention our further-reaching …