2023 Home Trends to Watch: Multi-Purpose Function

A home isn’t just for sleeping, eating, and entertaining, it’s also for completing school assignments, working from home, and relaxing in whatever modal you prefer, whether it’s yoga, VR, sewing, or something else. But people have become much more conscious of the size of their homes and affordability. That means they’re trying to do more with less, so anything that will help improve the functionality of a room and make it serve more than one purpose will be big.

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Modular Furniture

Furniture that can be moved or pieced together to fit a specific space and purpose will be popular in 2023. This includes sofa sectionals that can be combined and divided to create separate sitting areas for entertaining, a bed for guests, or a lounging space for movie night.

Sofas, like this one from Merax, also have built-in storage under all the cushions, which is perfect for keeping blankets, pillows, books, and other items you may normally need in a living room.

When it comes to modular shelving, there are a few options. Cube or fruit crate shelving is the most popular and Fillniture creates stylish options that can sit on the ground or be wall mounted.

Fillniture - Storage Cubes

Fillniture – Storage Cubes

JellumDesign is another creator of modular shelving. They create minimalist designs with pieces that can be combined multiple ways. They even have drawers that can be placed inside a unit as needed.

JellumDesign - Modular Shelving Gradient Edition

JellumDesign – Modular Shelving Gradient Edition

For a sturdy floor-to-ceiling option, industrial pipe shelving is an option. It can be customized to different heights and lengths by combining individual pieces and is relatively inexpensive. It can even be used as a floating shelf, like this set, which also includes the wood planks.

Convertible Furniture

Similar to modular options, furniture that can convert to something else will appeal to many homeowners. This is most often popular among parents with young kids. There are a variety of microsuede and sherpa children couches that can be converted into forts and tumbling mats. This 6-piece set from Mod Blox is one example.

But convertible furniture isn’t just for kids. Adults whose favorite pastime is playing board games or assembling puzzles, will find a dining room table that can be converted to a gaming table a useful addition to their home. This Jasper Board Game Table has a removable dining top, velvet play area, raised edges to prevent dice from rolling off, and detachable drink holders. Have an incomplete puzzle? Just put the dining top back on to save your work and prevent pets or kids from touching it.

For people who need to work full- or part-time from home, there are desks that convert to shelving when not in use. This one from Tektalk is a full desk with a rotating top that can be pulled out into a corner table when it needs to be used. Otherwise, it’s a two-tier shelf. There’s also a smaller version from Idealhouse that converts into a sofa side table.

Room Dividers

Sometimes, it isn’t about how much space is in a room, but how it’s being used. In places that need more privacy or fewer distractions, a room divider can be a big help. Large, blocky shelves work well as room dividers, if there’s enough room. If not, panels are a good option.

Panels are standalone structures that unfold to create a temporary screen. Though panels are not a sturdy as a shelving unit, they can have storage options. Some panels have slide-in shelves. They won’t hold a large haul of books but can be a nice way to display a plant, small sculpture, or a picture frame.

Another multi-use room divider is this one from StoffMobel. It’s made with pegboard, so you can add shelves or hang things, like jewelry, scrunchies, or kitchen utensils. Again, not the best option for heavy wares, but it can certainly help with smaller items.

StoffMobel - Pegboard Room Divider

StoffMobel – Pegboard Room Divider

Standalone panels are also good for homeschoolers. They block visual distractions in the schooling space and can double as a chalkboard.

For large wall-to-wall needs, a tension rod and curtains may be an option. Ceiling mount supports can ensure that the rod doesn’t fall but may not be needed for smaller spaces.

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2023 Home Trends to Watch - Multi-purpose Function

2023 Home Trends to Watch – Multi-purpose Function

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