Wilmington NC Art Map

Venus Flytrap Statue in Wilmington NC

The Wilmington area has a large selection of art galleries, from the esteemed Cameron Art Museum to the lovely establishments in Downtown Wilmington to the ocean-themed selections on Pleasure Island. But you won’t find all the best art inside of them. Matter of fact, some of the best displays are located right outside under North Carolina’s blue sky.

Craig Hewett has put together a map of art in Wilmington that includes murals, sculptures, and street art. Some are linked to moments in history and can be a good lesson in the city’s past. Others are business related or are meant to express a social message. Whatever the purpose, this is a great opportunity to have an art hunt! Pictures are included so you won’t miss any. Just make sure you aren’t trespassing when you decide to take a look.

One of the more bizarre inclusions is the “Face in the Wall” behind Tails Piano Bar and for all you ‘90s kids, check out the Nickelodeon splat on Muters Alley. Craig promises there are more to come. If you know any he’s missed, make sure to let him know.

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The Wilmington Art Map

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