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Herb Markers, Painted Fish, Pelican Print

Out of every dollar you spend locally in Wilmington, 70 cents stays local. When you spend a dollar at a big box store, only 40 cents stays local. Local business owners, no matter how small, are also more likely to spend money at other local businesses and donate money to local charities. If every U.S. family spent $10 more per month at a locally-owned business, over $9.3 billion would return to the local economy. For this reason, we always try to support local businesses, especially during the holiday season.

When you do your Christmas shopping this year, consider visiting a holiday market or locally-owned store. You can also shop online at a local business. For many small businesses, a storefront isn’t feasible, so they host their store online. Some have websites, others have storefronts on marketplaces like Etsy.

Here are 10 of our favorite local home decor creators who sell on Etsy:

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Sweet Tea Blues

If you love decorating with cute, catchy signs, Sweet Tea Blues should be on your Christmas shopping list. Carol Phillips has over 680 signs in her shop with themes ranging from Beach to Inspirational to Holiday. She prints the design, affixes it to wood, applies a clear coat, and distresses it, so each sign is handmade and unique. The shop has 5 stars and over 8,000 reviews, so you know you’re receiving a quality product.

"May you always have a Shell in your pocket and Sand between your toes" beach sign

Sweet Tea Blues – Beach Sign

The sign pictured says “May you always have a Shell in your pocket and Sand between your toes” and has a light blue background with a seashell. You can choose the color of the background and the size of the sign, which goes up to 8″ x 10″. It’s the perfect gift for someone who owns a beach house or loves going to the beach.

Coastline Maker

Do you love giving gifts that make people look twice? Coastline Maker is a 3D printer in Wilmington, NC, who makes some pretty unique products. They offer a wide range of products, including wall decor, toys, and cookie cutters. What caught my eye was their planters.

The air plant hangs in place of the octopuses' tentacles.

Coastline Maker – Octopus Tentacle Air Planter

This hanging Octopus Air Planter holds an air plant so it looks like the octopus’s tentacles. How cute is that? They also have an ice cream cone succulent planter and a hanging coffin planter. Just be careful viewing their shop, because there may be a few NSFW listings that you may not want young eyes to see.

Ocean Inspired Design

Seashell art is very popular in the Wilmington area, because of our coastal location. It makes great home decor and a great gift, especially for visiting family. Corey at Ocean Inspired Design creates beautiful seashell art. They specialize in coastal wreaths, seashell people, seashell Christmas trees, and seashell wind chimes. They even have mermaid wall art.

Nautical rope wreath with seashells and blue starfish.

Ocean Inspired Design – Coastal Seashell Wreath

Each item is unique and made to order, including this 14″ Coastal Seashell Wreath, which is made with nautical rope, seashells, and blue pearl-dotted starfish. Also, make sure to check out their shell crosses. They are gorgeous!

Wright + Roam

Photography art can get pretty expensive, but Chelsea at Wright + Roam makes it possible for people to decorate their homes with gorgeous beach art at a very reasonable price. Most of her products are wall art, but she also offers picture trays. Many of her photographs are taken in North Carolina, but she also includes photos from Greece and Puerto Rico.

Wright and Roam - Sunset at Wrightsville Beach Print

Wright and Roam – Sunset at Wrightsville Beach Print

This picture was taken at Wrightsville Beach during a sunset. Sizes range from 5″x 7″ to 30″x 40″. The largest size, printed on satin paper, is under $100. The canvas version is $175.

Island Art Design Co.

If you’re looking for funky decor for a friend’s screened porch or tiki bar, Island Art Design Co. has you covered. Their hand-painted fish will brighten up any space and add a touch of island fun. You can choose from their inventory of fish or request your own colors. They’re also well-priced.

Island Art Design Co - Wooden Painted Coastal Fish Art

Island Art Design Co – Wooden Painted Coastal Fish Art

They call this one Coco B. Caramel and she measures 10″ x 6″. She’s painted with Chocolate Sprinkle Brown, Metallic Teal, Cool Caramel Copper, Teal and White. She also has a coated wire detail on the tail.

Salt and Cerulean

Looking for more beach-inspired wall art? Peter at Salt and Cerulean is a digital artist who specializes in coastal fine art. He starts designing in a sketchbook and builds upon that on his computer. The results are gorgeous pieces in a variety of styles. There are watercolors of local landmarks and simple illustrations that work great in nurseries, and all are well-priced.

Salt and Cerulean - Pelican by the Shore Gouache Art Print

Salt and Cerulean – Pelican by the Shore Gouache Art Print

The bold colors and personality of this pelican print caught my eye. It’s an ideal piece for a living room or office. It comes in a variety of sizes, the largest being 24″ x 36″.

Clay Hive Co.

Ceramics always make great gifts and those from Clay Hive Co. are both colorful and charming. Whether you’re looking for planters or small bowls or something more eclectic, Clay Hive is sure to have something that will catch your eye. Looking for yourself? We recommend checking out their Christmas ceramic trees. They’re perfect for tiered trays and fireplace mantels.

Clay Hive Co. - Herb Markers

Clay Hive Co. – Herb Markers

Another one of our favorites are these herb markers. Made from porcelain and hand stamped, they’ll last for years to come. They’re a great gift idea for the gardener in your life.

Coastal Wood ILM

If you’re looking for a showstopper of a gift, check out the products from Coastal Wood ILM. They vibrantly colored epoxy and wood charcuterie boards, coasters, shelves, flight sets, and tables. They even have personalized Christmas ornaments and glasses with bamboo lids that have the same water and wave style resin.

Coastal Wood ILM - Walnut Blue and Teal Epoxy River with Manta Ray Charcuterie Board

Coastal Wood ILM – Walnut Blue and Teal Epoxy River with Manta Ray Charcuterie Board

What caught my eye was this blue and teal charcuterie board. Many epoxy and resin artists make water and waves, but Coastal ILM will also add manta rays, sharks, and sea turtles for that extra special touch.

Haven and Hound

Haven and Hound should be your go-to store for Christmas ornaments. They’re all made from wood and many can be laser engraved. They have plenty of styles to commemorate this year’s firsts, including engagements, babies, pets, and…

Haven and Hound - Home Christmas Ornament

Haven and Hound – Home Christmas Ornament

new homes, which we are pretty fond of. With additional choices on each ornament, you’re sure to get a unique gift for the person you have in mind.

Outer Banks Hammocks

Want to gift the pleasure of outdoor comfort? Buy that special person in your life a hammock from Outer Banks Hammocks. These hammocks are handmade right here in Wilmington. You may actually recall seeing them in person, if you’ve ever driven to Wrightsville Beach. Their little shop is right before the drawbridge.

Outer Banks Hammocks - Rope Rocker

Outer Banks Hammocks – Rope Rocker

They don’t just sell hammocks. They also sell hammock chairs, porch swings, and side tables. These rope rockers have received many positive reviews. They also have options for changing out the white rope for colors.

Did we miss a Wilmington area creator? Share them in the comments to spread the love.

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