Pastel Home Decor for a Sugary Sprinkle of Christmas Cheer

Red and green may reign supreme on Christmas Day, but pastels have shown they’ve earned a place amongst the holiday cheer. Inspired by Sugar Plum Fairies, gingerbread houses, and peppermint cocoa, interior decorators are increasingly using pastels to create bright, shiny settings to offset the shorter days and dark nights of the season. Some combine classic colors, like pink and silver, to create a consist palette throughout the home. Others burst with a myriad of soft hues.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Looking for inspiration for your own Christmas decor? Take a look at the 14 pastel decorations listed below. They’re sure to trigger a childlike excitement for Christmas morning.

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1. Pink Christmas Tree

Traditional green trees are too dark to complement pastel colors, which is why pink and white Christmas trees are most commonly used with this holiday decor. A few companies make light blue, seafoam, and other pastel-friendly colors; however, they can be harder to find than a pink or white tree.

2. Warm White Lights

A string of warm white lights is least likely to drown out the pastel colors of your decorations, but if you are choosing this theme, because you love pink, you may be interested in knowing there are pink Christmas lights.

3. Pastel Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

There are a ton of options for pastel Christmas ornaments. This set includes pink and teal, and has a variety of shapes. Other commonly paired colors are pink and rose gold, pink and silver, blue and silver or white.

4. Pastel Poinsettias

While real poinsettias are limited to a small range of colors, artificial ones come in a variety of colors, including pink, peach, teal, etc. They can also be “blinged out” to add a touch of sparkle to your decor. We see them frequently used as decorations in trees, but they can also be tucked into garland or put in a vase.

5. Pastel Felt Ball Garland

Whether you are decorating with a pastel pink, pastel blue, or even a pastel green, there’s a felt ball garland for you. Drape it across a mantel or window, or weave it around a tiered tray. It will add a soft texture and touch of whimsy to your display.

6. Kurt Adler Gingerbread House

Gingerbread and candy decorations work very well with the pastel theme, especially if you choose to decorate in your kitchen. This adorable gingerbread house from Kurt Adler has delicate piping, and pink and baby blue details. It’s battery operated, so it can be conveniently placed in an area that doesn’t have an outlet.

7. Kurt Adler Ice Cream Nutcracker

The Kurt Adler brand also has a lovely collection of nutcrackers with pastel colors, including this 19″ ice cream themed figure. It will look lovely placed on a fireplace mantel or kitchen cabinet where visitors can appreciate the sprinkles and sparkling gum drops. If you’re looking for more pastel figurines and ornaments, Kurt Adler has some excellent options.

8. Pink Christmas Gnomes

These cute little pink and white Scandinavian gnomes are super soft, and their noses light up. They’re great for decorating in areas where little hands may grab decorations.

9. White Tea Light Winter Village

White decorative pieces work well with a pastel Christmas theme. These little modern houses are made to be lit with LED tea lights (included). But they’re also a very simple design, so you may even consider spray painting them a pastel if you are in need of more color.

10. Pastel Bottle Brush Trees

These mini pine trees are the best option for filling in spaces in your decorating. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to add interest and texture to your display. This collection has pink and cream trees, but there are other options that include silver, pastel green, and light yellow.

11. Seafoam Ceramic Christmas Tree

Many people remember the original ceramic Christmas trees, and now they come in a variety of themes and colors, including seafoam and pink. This is a fun way to add lighting to your holiday decor.

12. Gold Hat Santas

These whimsical Santas will add just the right amount of shine to your pastel Christmas display. Set on a table or along a mantel, they’ll bring smiles to happy faces.

13. Pink Velvet Reindeer Pillow Covers

These pink reindeer pillow covers are super soft and look classy. There are also some cute vintage Santa and snowflake pillow covers that could work for your pastel living room.

14. Pastel Blue Stockings

These darling knit stockings are a pastel blue and customizable. They also come in pink and white – multiple options for your fireplace or stocking rack.

Whether you’re going for a gingerbread house/candy theme or a pink winter wonderland, pastels are a fun way to brighten up your Christmas decor. Just make sure to stick to one palette to make the display cohesive and pleasant to the eye.

14 Pastel Christmas Decorations

14 Pastel Christmas Decorations

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