North Carolina 2012 Fence and Wall Codes for Swimming Pools

Many North Carolina homeowners ask, “Do we need to install a fence around our swimming pool?” The answer is YES!

The installation of a swimming pool should conform to North Carolina’s latest building codes. As of this post, those are the 2012 residential building codes. They regulate the dimensions of the fence or wall (referred to as a “barrier” in the codes), including height, gaps, protrusions, and gates. The state adopted these codes to prevent accidental or near-accidental drownings, especially where children are concerned.

If you’re considering buying a Wilmington area home with a swimming pool or plan on installing one, there may be additional regulations as the New Hanover County Board of Health drew up their own regulations in 2000, but we recommend you do some research beforehand: it’s unclear if they’ve been updated since then. If you have any questions about the codes for installing swimming pools in New Hanover County, always contact the New Hanover County Planning & Inspections Department or speak with a licensed fence contractor.

Additionally, make sure that you check with your homeowners association if you are buying or live in a community that has one, because they too may have their own requirements for installing swimming pools or making home improvements in general.

For your convenience, here is Appendix G: Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs of the 2012 North Carolina Building Codes as a downloadable PDF.

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