Grab the Attention of Home Buyers with Help from the “Cloud”

Have you heard of the “cloud”? It’s a term that applies to online servers and storage that can be accessed from multiple devices. What we used to have to store on a computer can now be uploaded to the internet where we can view or run it from a laptop and a smartphone and a tablet and whatever other device we may own without saving it to a storage device and manually downloading it. This has proved to be very handy for completing homework, office work, and even gaming, and now, it’s proving helpful for homeowners wanting to sell their homes.

What is the number one factor that affects a home buyer’s choice to make an offer on a home? Risk. No matter how much they love a home, if they feel it’s too much of a risk to purchase it, they’ll move on to the next home on their list. This is why most home buyers have an inspection done on a home prior to buying it. So, doesn’t it make sense to try to minimize a buyer’s concern about risk?

We always suggest doing that by offering a home warranty, but keeping a shareable record of home improvements and important information has also proven to be beneficial. Home owners are using cloud applications to log home improvements (paint colors, materials, contact information for contractors, etc.) and information about appliances (manuals, warranty information, etc.) to present it to potential home buyers. As Jack Huntress said in “Everyting About a Home –in the Cloud” in Realtor Magazine, receiving all that information affected his choice to make an offer on his home: “It wasn’t the sole reason we bought the house, but it definitely factored in and made me very comfortable with the buying process.”

If you are planning on selling your Wilmington area home in the future, consider utilizing the cloud for logging important details about your home. Apps like HomeBinder and HomeZada make it easy to save all your information. You can then turn all that info over to the new owners with a click of a button.

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About the Author
Meghan Henderson
Meghan is the Marketing Specialist for The Cameron Team and a published author of two young adult books. She also creates digital and printable planners and trackers, as well as coloring pages for Larkspur & Tea.