Forget the Paper Chart! Check Out These Personalized Reward Systems for Kids

Two girls and their mother work in a kitchen.

Who doesn’t love a tidy looking home?


Kids. Kids really couldn’t care less. They leave a trail of toys and wrappers, and never see the mess but still somehow know when to walk over it.


Luckily they’re cute. That’s why we, as parents and guardians, spend hours reminding them to pick up after themselves and contribute to maintaining their home. When they get old enough, reward charts work great for motivating kids to help around the house. Seeing progress being made to a chosen goal ignites an enthusiasm to do their part. You could print off a reward chart and tape it to the wall (there’s nothing wrong with that) or you could choose a personalized reward system that adds to their room aesthetic, like these ones:

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A Reward “Jar”

This acrylic jar-shaped reward system is a pretty representation of your child’s chore progress. Once filled, they earn their reward and start over, emptying the jar from the top. You can customize with their name and choose the colors, token shapes, and whether to hang it or display it on a stand.

Gift Co UK - Custom Reward Jar

Gift Co UK – Custom Reward Jar

A Reward System for Two Children

If you have two children who work together every day to get their chores completed, this game style reward system is a great way to display their progress as a team. You can personalize the names and colors of the board and tokens. Plus, if you prefer this design but only want it for one child, they have a single version as well.

8 Bit Builder - Game Style Reward Chart

8 Bit Builder – Game Style Reward Chart

A Personalized Pom Pom Jar

Here is another personalized reward jar, but this one is a standalone and the tokens are pom poms. You can choose the color of the name and if you need more than one jar (including one to hold the pom poms) you get a discount. You also receive two pages to record the chores and points, as well as the rewards.

Rose Petal Jar - Pom Pom Reward Jar

Rose Petal Jar – Pom Pom Reward Jar

Personalized Slider Daily Routine Chart

Do you have a set schedule for your kid’s chores? This daily routine chart is great for keeping track of what’s been completed. Once all of the button are slid to done, your child can earn a reward. The name and icons at the top can be personalized. The chore area is a white board, so you can write in new chores as-needed, and it comes with over 100 stickers for further customization.

Chippico Toys - Personalized Daily Routine Chart

Chippico Toys – Personalized Daily Routine Chart

Chore Chart with Pictures

If you’re working on setting a daily routine with a child who is still learning to read, having a tracker with pictures can be helpful. This personalized chore chart has tokens for feeding the dog, taking a bath, brushing teeth, etc. and each one has an easy-to-understand picture. As each day’s chores are completed, the child can move a star to the completed section. At the end of the day or week, they can earn a reward.

The Monogrammed Prep - Chore Chart with Pictures

The Monogrammed Prep – Chore Chart with Pictures

So, if you’re looking for a reward chart that will look nice amongst your home decor, consider one of the systems listed here.

5 Fun Reward Systems for Kids

5 Fun Reward Systems for Kids

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